4 Signs Telling That The Man You Meet Online That You Are Already Dating Is Only In It To Get You In His Bed

Dating today makes very easy with the help of social media and many dating application that has been out on the internet. We can't ignore the fact that today's generations are very careless when it comes to dating a person that she or he meets in the cyber space without knowing the true intentions of the person they just met through the net.

The question is how can we know the true intention of a person that you just met in the cyberspace? Things today is all about the image of a person because one person wouldn't be interested in you if you didn't post a picture of you showing your beautiful face and sexy figure.

The truth hurts for men but many men today intend to use social media and some of the dating apps to meet up with women not to know them for love companionship but for pleasure interest. There are many several situations and cases today where a woman is being used as a sexual object by men for their own pleasure and just ditch the woman after they use it.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with a casual sexual activity with the two opposite gender because who are just finding pleasure, because it's their own will to engage with this kind of activities. The only concern in this situation is the deception factor where men manipulate women as an object without life, abusing the feeling of a woman for their personal interest and growth.

We are not telling you, girls, that all the men out there are all just the same, but the only point is you should consider that there are numerous of shameless men out there who don't care about the human decency and keep on deceiving and misleading the women's interest for their own interest.

That's why being attentive and observative with all the men you just meet on the cyberspace is highly recommended to reduce the risk of being fall in the wrong man who only chases the interest of using you and your body for their own pleasure.

Girls, here are the things that you should observe and analyze to know if the men that you have dating is only in for sex. 

He rushes in to saying that he loves you already

He will make you believe that he is defenseless to you, and when these signs happen that next thing that will come is he will wait that you will also be helpless to him in return. He will pretend to you that he has genuine feelings for you right off the bat even though he has not had the proper chance to let go of those feelings in order to develop into something real at all.

When he tells you for the very first time that you met that he already loves you it is a big sign that has a big motive to seduce you and take you to bed.

He's a little too touchy, and a little too early into relationship

The way he touches you will tell you how much that man actually want's you into his bed. At first, he will keep his hands in some part of your body out of respect. Then if you take it for granted and did not resist, he will proceed to the next step which he will be touching some sensitive parts of your body.

He doesn't have the interest and effort to know more about your life

If you start telling your stories about your life and if you notice that it seems he doesn't have the interest in knowing more about the life you have and the people around you then it's a sign that he is not interested in your stories and he is just focusing on the things that will make your conversation more intimate so that he can increase the possibility to open to you his true intention without any hesitation.

He tells you that all he wants is sex.

At least he is being honest with you, right? At least he is not trying to deceive and manipulate you into anything. He is being honest about his intentions with you and this is the point where you will make your decision. Are you open for this type of casual relationship with him that is founded on both of lust and sex? Or do you want something more? You are the only one who has the answers to these questions.