10 Important Signs Of Coronary Arterial Disease That You Should Know To Prevent Heart Attack!

One of the most fatal diseases is the coronary artery disease. According to the Disease Control, It takes out people on the average of 370,000 lives in the United States every year.

It is a condition where the arterial wall builds up plaque due to the excessive bad cholesterol in the body which obstructs the flow of blood and genuinely deprives the heart from oxygen then will eventually lead to heart attack.

Most of these people who struggled with coronary artery disease are unaware that they have the severe condition until the worst symptoms arise such as ischemia and necrosis of the tissues in the heart.

Here are the 10 signs and symptoms of coronary artery disease that most people should be aware of:


Chest pain is usually triggered by stress such as physical or emotional pain. It is a feeling of heaviness or tightness in the middle part of the chest which gives difficulty to the person. It sometimes also includes problems in breathing.

Burning Sensation

This is sometimes confused with heartburn or indigestion. If the burning sensation lasts for more than five minutes which radiates in the right arm, it is advised to urgently call an ambulance or medical emergency.

Pain in the upper trunk

This pain includes a numbing pain in the jaw, arms, left shoulder, back, neck, and stomach. It is usually associated with weakness primarily in the right side of the upper body.

Nausea or vomiting

It is an indication of coronary artery disease if it lasts more than five minutes and some of the symptoms which are mentioned above arise. It is best to seek medical attention urgently to prevent complications and fatal outcomes.


Light-headedness and dizzy is also an indication of the disease. Proper guidance is advised to avoid falling or head trauma.

Cold sweat

Excessive sweat can be a sign of serious condition. It is usually accompanied with increased salivary production.

Shortness of breath

Fatigue and difficulty in breathing could be a usual symptom and must avoid exerting the body to avoid worsening of the condition.

Irregular heartbeat

Rapid heartbeat and irregular pulses could be a result of coronary artery disease. Increased rate of breathing could also be experienced by some people.


A numbing feeling could be induced by coronary artery disease in the chest and arms. Reduced sensation and tingling sensation could also be felt in the distal parts of finger tips.

Aching Pain

Burning or aching sensation in the arm and neck area could be felt due to the decreased blood supply to the tissue. This is one of the major symptoms of coronary artery disease and must be observed keenly.

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