10 Magandang Benepisyo sa Kalusugan ng Pagtulog ng Nakahubo't Hubad. Basahin dito.

Because some people get irritable when sleeping, they try to sleep while naked. But did you know it has a positive effect on your body?

Check out these 10 reasons why you should have to sleep naked:

Improves sleep

Sleeping naked makes your skin cool down from heat which makes your body calm and refreshed. This could also enable you to sleep faster than usual.

Happy Feeling

Having a sound sleep makes your body to release hormones such as endorphins that could make you feel good every morning.

Improve skin health

Having a good amount of sleep rejuvenates the body and skin allowing to recover from stressful habits. This makes the skin glow and radiant. It also makes the skin produce less oil because the sebaceous glands are not very active when it's cold.

Active sexual life

Couples who sleep without clothes could improve intimacy and more likely to make love fervently.

Muscle Build-up

There have been studies that the muscle build-up increases when it is in a cold environment. It improves blood circulation and muscle repair.

Less stress

Sleeping without clothes provides an optimal temperature and ventilation for the whole body which improves sleep. Body rejuvenation from an all out work decreases stress levels.

Better relationship with your partner

Skin contact improves relationship because of the hormones which are released when you are close with your partner. It provides a special bond between lovers who are in a sensual and deep relationship.

Confidence boost

Sleeping naked induces boost in confidence and body acceptance.

Improved blood circulation

Sleeping naked enhances blood circulation because of having comfort and relaxation. Having a cold night sleep invigorates the body to improve vascular rhythm and tone.

Prevents insomnia

Some people who are having insomnia has anxiety problems. It is effective to let them feel comfort and relaxation when sleeping without clothes.

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source: brightside.me