Narito pala ang Sinyales na Mayroon na kayong Colon Cancer, huwag ito baliwalain pwede nyo ito ikamatay.

According to medical experts, colon cancer is one of the most distinct and notorious forms of cancer for hundreds of thousands are being treated for this condition yet, somehow, doesn't warrant any warning for many people.

It was estimated that around 140,000 people have been diagnosed with either colon or rectal cancer. These symptoms are easily have been taken for granted and still, a lot of patients don't receive any medical attention on an account.

These are symptoms of colorectal cancer which are most commonly ignored by many: 


One of the symptoms of numerous health issues is abdominal cramps which are really not cancerous in any forms. But if you guys experience abdominal cramps which last longer than normal, happens frequently, and too painful to ignore, it is wise to seek a medical expert to run some diagnostic tests in order to see what is really happening and to prevent further complications.


It is a common symptom to all possible ailments that a person experiences. It is mostly ignored by many due to its nature of being less concerning. This may be due to sleep deprivation and many people feel this without having cancer. But if you experience an easy fatiguability, which more frequent and last longer than usual even though you are well-rested and well-nourished, you might have to see a medical expert immediately.

Besides fatigue, this kind of cancer may also direct to blood loss. Medical experts have revealed that the major reason behind fatigue and cancer are associated with the regulation of cancer cell with the energy on the body.

Unexpected Decrease on Weight 

This may be an indicator of different kinds of cancer and its best to discuss this kind of symptoms to efficiently treat/diagnose the patient. Commonly described as an unintentional weight loss, at least 5% of your body weight in the duration of six months must be noticed.

For an instance, in the condition when someone who is 150 pounds will lose about 7 ½ pounds during the six months without doing anything can be determined as unexplained weight loss.

Just like what we have mentioned earlier, cancer cells use a major part of the energy of the body which it also affects the immune system. The immune system is responsible for fighting against the diseases, as well as keeping it from developing.

A large tumor may block the colon that affects the bowel movement that will lead to severe weight loss and decreased nourishment intake.

include the presence of colorectal cancer. These tumors have t he capacity to affect the way your large intestine works and it will lead to changes in the stool.

Colon polyps are known as few cells that can eventually turn into a cancerous one, and because of that, the bowel movements are being affected when they have actually turned into tumors.

How to Lower the Risk of Having A Colon Cancer 

If you are already suffering from an inflammatory condition of your bowels or if your family has a history of cancer, it best to follow these easy guidelines for your health:

Consume fruits, vegetables, as well as grains

It is best to have a diet which is rich in fibers, minerals, and vitamins to efficiently improve your lifestyle. It has the ability to clear the toxic wastes from your stomach down to the intestines which will help you promote a healthy bowel movement and reduced inflammation.

Exercise regularly 

Exercise is essential for our body to develop strong and sturdy. It is also good for a relief in stressful lifestyle. Moreover, it is essential to support the right bowel function.

Cease Cigarette Use 

Due to the disturbing effects of cigarette use, our body starts to make the toll on the condition. Smoking also heightens the risk of different kinds of cancer which includes colorectal cancer.

Manage your weight 

Increased weight and obese/overweight people are more likely to receive colorectal cancer. The risk of dying from this condition is also far greater.

Decrease alcohol intake 

Another risk factor for colorectal cancer is unnecessary alcohol intake due to its carbon and nicotine content.

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