Try These 3 Effective Natural Remedy For a Natural Alternative Treatment Against Breast Cysts!

Breast cysts are sacs filled with fluids inside the breast which are a benign condition and are usually not that cancerous. Breast cysts can develop on any people and they can show up in both breasts.

These lumps are described as round or oval in shape with distinct edges which are usually palpated on the underarms and on the lateral side of the breasts.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the factors that affect the growth of these lumps on the breast. It was also been linked in postmenopausal women who aged 50 and above. Some factors are because of the lack of vitamin D.

This article would give you an alternative way of treating breast cysts without invasive surgeries. Here are some natural remedies that will be effective in breast cysts:

Fresh Wheat Juice

You will be needing water, ice tube, and fresh green wheat leaves. Ground the wheat leaves or use a blender to extract the juice. Put the extracted juice in the ice tube and freeze it. After freezing, put the ice cube on a glass of water to make it as a fine fresh juice.

This natural remedy had proven a great deal in eliminating breast cysts because of its nutritional benefits.


This plant is common to any household because of its appearance. But did you know that it contains a lot of health benefits? It can aid in treating a variety of diseases such as breast, kidney and ovarian cysts.

You will be needing an amount of natural honey and also houseleek leaves for about 300 grams each. Wash the houseleek leaves and ground them until it becomes a paste. Combine it with the organic honey and place it in a container. Keep it cooled down in a fridge for storage. Ingesting a teaspoon of this 3 times a day is encouraged to attain its benefits.

Mixed tea

With ingredients such as calendula, yarrow, mint, elderberries, and mistletoe, this tea can prevent the growth of breast cysts. By simply combining all the ingredients and adding it with some water, you reap all its benefits just by soaking it in a boiling hot water.

This treatment is effective and expected outcome of curing the condition may take for only about 6 months. The combination of this recipe can improve your immune system to limit the growth of the tumor and prevent further complications and inflammation.

Avoiding alcohol and other dairy products is also advised in order to make it more effective.

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