Tips to Improve Your Sperm Quality and Boost Your Chances to Conceive a Baby

People who get proactive about conceiving a baby takes about 15% of couples may not achieve on having one until a year later. According to the National Institutes of Health, at least one-third of misconception is due to problems with sperm and 10% women experience a miscarriage.

 Here are some measures to enhance sperm quality and boost your chances of conceiving a baby:


Improving one's health is an effective measure to increase the chances of conceiving a baby. A 30-minute exercise is enough which] includes cardio as well as resistive training. Regular exercise promotes fertility because it boosts overall health and enhances hormonal stimulation of testosterone. There has been a study in Harvard where researchers link about the connection between exercise and fertility. They discovered that men who frequently exercises had 33% increase in sperm count than men who had least exercises.

Electromagnetic Waves

Electronic gadgets that emit electromagnetic waves like mobile phone, laptop and television could decrease your sperm count. Cleveland Clinic's scientists provided a study about the relationship between phones and fertility. With their result, a man that frequently use a mobile phone ends up having a sperm with less mobility. When sperm cells have decreased movement, they cannot swim up into the uterus to enter the ovary. You can efficiently decrease the electronic waves it emits if you keep it turned off when it's not in use.

Increase Lycopene Intake

Lycopene is a bright red carotene found in red plants and fruits like tomatoes, watermelon, wolfberry and papaya which acts two times potent like an antioxidant. By eating food rich in lycopene, it is the healthiest way in improving your sperm count. It also reduces the number of irregular sperm cells. Irregular sperm cells are unable to fertilize the female’s egg and could cause problems such as child defects. Cooked tomatoes produce approximately four times potency of lycopene as raw tomatoes.


Lubricants help to in providing a better stimulation on sexual intercourse. But choosing the right lubricant is necessary because there are brands that have a pH level that is either too acidic or too basic. Lubricant with a high pH level will kill sperm cells. It is best to use lubricants with the desired pH balance for conception.

Food Supplements

Natural food supplements could enhance your sperm quality. To improve sperm count, it is best to consume fruits and vegetables with high folic acid and zinc. Combined effects of folic acid and zinc could improve sperm count by 74%.

A combination of zinc, vitamin C, and selenium could improve the mobility of sperm cells. Not only do they boost your chances of having a baby but also they are essential for your overall health. Most food supplements that come from raw fruits and vegetables don’t have any adverse side effects when taken in adequate amounts which are scientifically proven and great for fertility.

Many of these things described are good for your overall well-being in addition to improving fertility.

By following all of this advice, you can improve the quality and quantity of healthier sperm cells. If you are wanting to have a baby, try these recommendations and see results.

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