These 12 Signs Will Help you Know if Your Boyfriend/Husband is Having a Secret Affair!

Girls with a dominant attitude must always maintain their integrity by prioritizing themselves rather than any other person. Never let anyone take advantages on you when your guard is down because of your feelings and deep emotion. When you feel any suspicions and deceit is on its way, immediately confront the one who's cheating on you even if that person means the world to you.

Here are some of the hints that you notice to your boyfriend if is a cheater:

His scent is like a woman's perfume

If he has been sleeping with any other women, you would notice that he will smell like one of any other girls. He could be obtaining their scent through their perfume, bedsheets, clothes, as well as her shampoo. A scent of a man can be very efficient to notice if he's cheating or not.

He's been acting too close with a lot of female friends lately

You will eventually notice that when he is with his female friend and they can get excessively close or super touchy. There is also a possibility that they deliver extra attention to each other whenever you are not with them. You may even find yourself not worthy enough of your partner's attention. That's when you should be aware more of his actions and time. A little investigation would clarify most of this. It's better to find facts and evidence!

He's attentive mostly through his phone and having secret calls and messages

Does your boyfriend ever get unknown texts or calls more frequently at night? It may be irrational to think that your partner is cheating on you. But if it is always consistent and taking much of your partner's privacy time with you, you may better think twice and check to see if he is clearly having an affair or not. Asking for your partner's private phone to see if he's telling the truth is a right thing to do regardless of his explanation.

He spends a minimal time and does not talk to you anymore

If you are losing the spark in your love affair between you and your partner, it might be a difficult situation. You are having a hard time bonding with each other both intellectually or emotionally. You always find yourself cutting the conversations and arguments short because you don’t want to fight with your partner and tell hateful things each other.

He has developed a new mannerism or habit

Be wary about the new expressions that he often tells lately when he's having an argument or just to escape from your vivid remarks. He always leaning to imitate the accents or the catchphrases or mannerisms of other people that they have been with most of the time.

He has difficulty having sex with you

Neither both of you are having an amusement on what you are doing. He regards sex as a custom to extend the agony of your relationship. He seems bored when having sex with you and it feels like you're both lovers no more.

His friends slip out telling the truth

He is being inconsistent and having a hard time telling the truth. Watch out for his gimmicks and mindsets. He often tells you stories and always has a scapegoat like his friends or office-mates. Never fall victim for his lies!

He acts differently than the usual

You can actually feel it when he is around with you. You can’t feel the intimacy or that exciting feeling whenever you are together anymore. You don't like being with him any longer because he stimulates you. He is always in a bad mood about things.

He's a known cheater

A cheater would always be a cheater. He has done it before and so he could do the same thing again. You have to keep your heart guarded always whenever you are having a relationship. It is better to be ready for a heartache than to be caught by surprise.

He over reacts when he is confronted

He gets too much sensitive and irritated whenever you ask him questions about telling the truth. This is usually a good sign of unfaithfulness. He gets easily flustered and he is trying to deflect by acting like you are the one who is pressuring him.

His alibis are "always at work"

This is a very controversial issue. I have to say that most of you must be naive to be furious about this but you should give your partner a benefit of a doubt. But if his alibis don't suit your satisfaction if he's telling the truth or not, you must get your facts right away. A phone call in his office or the guards in his workplace will be effective.

Trust your intuition

Your instincts are mostly perfect at a time. Nevertheless, it is not that bad to trust them wholeheartedly. They are part of your personality and it will never betray you.