Stop Hair Loss Using Guava Leaves as Natural Solution! Learn Here.

There are a lot of healthy perks associated with guava leaves but you may not seem to be aware of its ability to inhibit hair loss.

In this article, we share an easy method to use guava leaves in preventing hair loss instead of having an expensive medication and doing a lot of stressful procedure.

Most people are currently testing different types products like hot oils, hair chemical treatments, and shampoos. Though some of these may actually be effective, they cost a lot of money. Other people are hesitant about seeking medical aid only to be prescribed medications that are very expensive.

The great thing about natural remedies is that they are safer than other alternatives and are easy to find.

Guava Leaves As An Alternative Solution:

Their leaves is a great solution and the best natural remedy for hair loss. Guava leaves are packed with vitamin B2 which plays a significant role in improving hair cells and body tissues.

By fusing guava leaves with your daily hair treatment procedure, you'll be having a strong and more healthy hair. This will also prevent your hair from weakening and falling out.

Things you should do in order to gain these health benefits of guava leaves:
  1. Boil some of the guava leaves in a pan of water for about 20 minutes
  2. Set it as it cools down to room temperature
  3. Sift the water
  4. Apply the boiled guava leaves in the hair. Make sure that the hair is clean after doing this.
  5. Set it on the hair beginning from the root to the tip
  6. Massage the scalp thoroughly.
Setting this solution into your scalp and hair daily will help in preventing and reducing hair loss.

Providing this regular regime in your hair will produce a longer and thicker strand of hair. These will also strengthen hair follicles resulting in shiny and sturdy hair.

Unlike most prescribed and over the counter treatments, there are no chemicals involved. Unless you are allergic to guavas, you are very unlikely to experience any adverse side effects or reactions.

Using Guava extracts with Shampoo or Conditioner

Adding guava leaves to shampoo or conditioner could also be effective. This will make it more consistent upon gaining all the benefits into a natural solution. After boiling the guava leaves, let it cool down and set it with your conditioner or shampoo.

There are also several studies that guava leaves can also offer the following benefits:
  • Help in weight loss
  • They aid in the metabolism of complex carbohydrates and fats in the body and utilize it which will eventually lessen weight
  • Reduce diabetes effect
  • Lowers blood glucose levels
  • Reduce acne
  • Rich in vitamin C which fights acne when applied topically. It also has an antibacterial agent.
  • Improve skin glow
When used as a topical agent, it inhibits formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.