Restore 60% of Your Hearing With Just Several Drops of These Natural Oil Combination Treatment

The ears function much more than providing a sense of hearing. It also controls our vestibular system which functions for balance. Due to the damages and obstruction, the important structures in the ear can be impaired which can lead to problems like hearing loss.

The average person starts losing hearing in his or her twenties. The loss is so gradual that people don't usually notice it until worse enough to affect their lives. The gradual decay of hearing is primarily a result of the environmental, lifestyle, and dietary choices we deliver in our youth.

Increased susceptibility to loud environments, inadequate sleep and rest, and being overworked places an enormous amount of strain on the body.

There has always been one consistent ingredient that operates for a number of medical issues.

Fresh garlic is a cheap and easily find the stock that does wonders for hearing difficulties. Scientists are now investigating various ways to allow garlic into much more modernized medicine.

Here are some few regimen on how to use garlic as a treatment for ear conditions:

Garlic Oil Drops

1. Strip and dice 4 fresh cloves of garlic. Place the sliced garlic in a small jar and add olive oil enough to be sealed.

2. Place the jar in a warm spot. Let it stay for 2 days.

3. After 2 days, keep the oil and it in a cool dark place.

4. By using a dropper, put 4 drops of oil in the affected ear. Plug the ear with a cotton ball. Lie down on the opposite side and let the liquid get deep into the ear canal.

Garlic Combination

This recipe requires more ingredients which may be hard to find.

1. Blend 3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon colloidal silver.

2. Heat this mixture slightly.

3. With your ear exposed, fill the ear canal with several drops of the compound while lying down on the affected side.

4. Let it set for about 5 minutes then drain the mixture after usage.

This compound can be used 2-4 times per day as required.

Garlic treatment may seem to be doubtful because it does not promise any therapeutical claim but modern medicine is finally taking it seriously by means of natural healing or use of herbal medicine. You might someday even get these garlic recipes in stores one day.