Prevent Back Pains Tight Muscle and Help you Have a Perfect Posture by Doing this Exercise! Check it Out!

Due to rigorous work in a stressful environment, it is inevitable to have an improper body mechanics during arduous activities. With this mechanical imbalance in our body, it is assured to experience back and chest pain which is induced by poor blood circulation.

Eventually, fixing your body posture and doing a corrective exercise for your muscle imbalance could entirely enhance your health and lifestyle.

There are a lot of ways in removing the tensions on your back, nape, and shoulders which will release you from your body sore. This is exceptionally a well-suggested exercise for it provides a soothing outcome and also provides a pleasureful experience.

It is called the locust pose of shalabhasana in yoga exercise which cures your back pain problems because of its therapeutic effects which will lengthen those tight muscles.

While it has its cons in providing its health benefits, one should always be aware of doing this exercise regime. It is better to consult an expert or a doctor if you are fit to do this kind of exercise because if not, it may worsen your back pain.

The procedure of the exercise:

To do this, you must first realign your body on a surface of the floor or a mat by transferring your entire weight to your abdomen. By doing this, your head, chest, both legs, and arms must be raised or elevated and not touching the ground.

Try to maintain your legs and hips apart while your arms and legs must be parallel to the ground with palms facing the ceiling.

Hold this position for at least 10 seconds for about 5 to 10 repetitions. You could prolong the hold up to 60 seconds depending on how long as you can.

The locust position provides a great deal of strengthening your core muscles which provide a stronger foundation and your body that prevents muscle sores of the back.

Check the video for the proper guidelines and queues.