Ladies! If You Are Having PAIN Instead of Pleasure During Make Love with your Partner, Then You Need to Read This!

Pain instead or pleasure is the most distressing occurrence while having s3x. Many women experience this pain for several reasons. Painful s3x can be problematic because it might affect your lifestyle and could induce an emotional distress that could result in a break-up of a relationship. Pain during intercourse should be mitigated once it arises.

Conditions like this should be addressed immediately and opt to find out the nature of the cause of pain. Identifying the cause of the problem by your own is a bit complicated. Thus, one should always seek counsel for aid.

Reasons why girls having a painful s3xual intercourse

Decreased Lubrication

Inadequate lubrication can be also a cause of painful s3x. The fear of getting injured when having s3x causes the vaginal muscles experience involuntary spasm or virginal lock. This condition can be prevented if the female gets more relaxed and have more s3x drive. The case can also be resolved by improving the partner's foreplay. S3xual lubricant could also be used if necessary. Proper hydration is essential before and after s3x.

Infectious Vagina

Vaginal infections among ladies are common due unhealed lacerations on the vaginal wall due to frequent unsafe s3x or having many s3x partners. It is best to use protection like condoms to prevent the transfer of infective diseases.


Fibroids are benign tumors which are related to the uterus that causes a lot of pain during intercourse. Symptoms of uterine fibroids may include prolonged menstrual periods, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain which caused as the tumor presses on pelvic organs, frequent urination and low back pain.


The ovarian cyst could also induce pain during intercourse and must be surgically removed to prevent the spread of cancer.


Women might suffer from an inflammatory problem of the pelvis that induces pain which is due to tissue stretch and irritation. The pain intensifies as the inflammation goes deep into the tissues. It is best to take medical attention and seek aid from a medical doctor.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is another reason of having a painful sexual intercourse. This is a condition where the fetus grows outside the uterus. It is best to seek medical advice to an obstetrician or gynecology.

Note: You should never try an early sexual intercourse after giving birth or after a surgery.  Injury to your vagina influences a painful intercourse. Undergoing pain during intercourse after a pregnancy demands abstinence for a minimum period of six weeks after birth.

Other cases of pain include sexually transmitted diseases and early onset of menopause.

Treating painful s3x for some cases may not need any medical intervention or procedures:

Improve Lubrication

Using water-based lubricants acts as a remedy to painful intercourse. Other methods of care will usually require aid from a medical doctor for a proper prescription of lubricants. Vaginal dryness might be a result of menopause or uneasy sex.

Some cases of painful sexual intercourse require prescription drugs or medical intervention. Yet, there are cases where there is no underlying medical cause for painful s3x. These situations can be remedied through sexual therapies.

There are also other explanations for having a painful sexual intercourse such as past physical abuse, mental problems or psychological disorders which are related to s3x and guilt.

Urgently seek medical aid for evaluation when you experience symptoms such as irregular or foul vaginal discharge, abnormal periods, frequent bleeding, genital irritation, and involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscle during s3x.