Know The Positive and Negative Effect of Drinking Energy Drink In Our Health! Must Read!

Energy drinks are greatly known and well-advertised in the market worldwide. People are substituting energy drinks over tea and coffee because they are easily made and quicker to consume, energy drinks have become very popular amongst the youth.

But are these energy drinks safe or dangerous for health?

This article will show you the positive and negative effects of an energy drink.

The Positive Benefits of Energy Drinks

These sugar-filled energy drink like Mother, Dr pepper. Cocaine, Duff, Jolt Cola, Monster, V and Red Bull contain lots of amount of caffeine which is a psychoactive drug and taurine which is essential for enhancing neurologic function. Both of these content improves reaction time, wakefulness, and motor coordination.

These energy drinks also have B vitamins which stimulate muscular function, boost metabolism, and enhances the nervous system. They are water soluble vitamins which can be instantly flushed out from your system after a day. Energy drinks contain high amounts of sugar which are important food nutrient for the brain and primary function is to initially give a primer energy boost. This boost in energy immediately drops after an hour after consumption.

Unquestionably effective, energy drinks can provide a systemic boosting effect which will aid you to enhance both physical and mental quality. They do improve mental alertness and improve motor coordination depending on the amount of energy drink that was taken yet also varies on the person's tolerance against caffeine induced drinks. Athletes often drink these before exercising to allow them to perform longer periods of training and push themselves harder to achieve fitness goals.

The Health Concerns of Consuming Energy Drinks

Undesired increase in weight

Due to its high sugar content, our body metabolizes more sugar conversion in the blood stream and takes less conversion of fats and protein for energy. Drinking excessive amounts of energy drinks can quickly cause you to gain weight which would lead to obesity and could trigger serious medical ailments if not addressed early.

Cardiac Problems

Energy drinks cause an increase high blood pressure and vasoconstriction. Long-term consumption at high dosage abuse has been linked with chronic arterial stiffness. It has been proven that a person can overdose on energy drinks causing high blood pressures, abnormally rapid heartbeats, and chest pain that can lead to heart attack.

Drawback on Nervous System

Caffeine overdose can result in digital tremors and unexplained twitching of body. Excessive amounts of energy drink intake could also result in restlessness and sleep deprivation. Caffeine can also induce unexplained anxiety, over reaction, nervousness, and irritability.

Stress Hormone Overload

Energy drinks induce the mind and body into overdrive which enables you to heighten up extreme metabolism due to its high amount of caffeine, sugars and other chemicals. In the long run, this will result in stress hormone imbalance which leads to severe ailments and metabolic problems.


Caffeine has addictive properties that some people are becoming dependent that seeks for caffeine abuse. Most people experience withdrawal symptoms which are common to those who stop their intake which includes nausea, irritability and mood agitations.

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks

Energy drinks stimulate the body while the alcohol is a depressant which opposes the effect of an energy drink. The combination of the two would provide stress to the body and cannot maintain a proper balance which could lead to heart and mental disarray.

Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost

Exercise could improve a bodily function and mental stability. This improves the overall condition and blood flow. The brain would also induce a hormone called serotonin which stimulates the body that could give you an energy boost and alertness.

Happiness could also induce an energy levels spike to recharge your mind and body. Always have a sound and stable emotional background.

Eat an adequate food for energy storage and have a proper intake of fruits and vegetable with high vitamin content to supplement your daily needs.

Drink plenty of water. Proper hydration would lead to well-rounded health benefits.

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