Know If You Are Healthy or Not By Putting Your Finger Tips Into a Cold Water for 30 Seconds

Doing important task for the day is very difficult when you are feeling not well, sometimes there is a certain feeling throughout your body that you can't explain and only doctors have the answer.

Not all the people are going to the doctor just to have a check up when they feel sick, sometimes they intend to ignore it and rest until they feel okay, but we can't ignore the fact that we need to know how healthy our body is.

Today we will teach you a simple, easy and very effortless trick that can show a very important thing about your health condition.

Just follow the simple instruction to know what really is the condition of your health.

  1. Provide a cup and fill it with a very cold water. 
  2. Simply put your finger tips on the water for at least 30 seconds.
After doing the said instruction above, take a very close look at your fingertips and see what changes happen to it.

If your finger tips turn into color blue or white, it only indicates that you have a blood circulation problem. This happens when a remarkable change in temperature or if your body is stress resulting to a blood vessel flare up to the fingers, nose or even ears.

If this condition continues some parts of your body will not get enough blood and can be hardened that may result to blood clotting.

Circulation problems can be a fatal condition when it gets worst especially when the blood clot gets broken they can eventually reach the heart or lungs that can cause a bigger problem and threat to your health.


If you have done this and you notice that you have circulation problem it is best to consult your doctor and ask for advice on how to get rid of this condition. It is also advisable that you consume healthy foods and vegetables that can help you have a better and healthy blood flow circulation.

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