Know How to Kill Bed Bugs Efficiently and Naturally Before they Infect your Lungs and Hurt your Back!

Millions of dust mites could be found beneath your sheets on your bed. These mites living under your bedsheets, which is an ideal environment for them, multiply in a fast rate that feeds on the dead skin cells and sweat. If it is not properly sanitized, it could bring harm to your health. According to experts, the habit of making up your own bed without proper sanitation could affect negatively in your entire health which is associated with asthma and skin allergies.

By exposing these mites into the sunlight, will kill them immediately due to dehydration and radiation of the sun.

There are 1.5 million bed mites in the bed and these microscopic mites leave an excretion on your bed which could induce an asthma attack and allergies.

Duvet covers, mattress covers and pillow covers are the best way to defend yourself from dust mites and bed bugs, as they create a solid boundary between the organism and your skin and limits them spreading.

Dust mites exist on dead skins cells shed from humans and their pets. They live in damp areas, to grow in pillows and bedding which they absorb moisture from the skin while you sleep. A lot of dead skin could be left behind in your bedding so if you are looking to prevent dust mites, make sure you wash your covers often, replace pillows and duvets every few years and use bedding protectors.

In order to prevent bed mites from your bed and safeguard your health, it was advised to wash the bed sheets and pillow cases for at least two weeks after use according to Carolyn Forte, director of the cleaning laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

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