How to Know if you Have a Uterine Myoma? Know it's Symptoms and Learn How to Prevent it!

Signs that you may have Myomas

Bladder Problem

You'll have an uncontrollable urge to urinate because of the myoma that grows on the lining of the uterus. This overgrowth eats up the space of the bladder and limits its expansion and thus cause pain. It is advised to visit your doctor for medical assistance.

Rectal Problem

It also builds up the pressure in the core which pushes the rectum because of the growth of the myoma. This often causes hemorrhoid build up which could be severely unhealthy.

Low Back Pain

Myomas in the outer back wall of the uterus could also induce spinal nerve impingement because of the swelling and may cause pain in your legs. It is advised to check your doctor for further assessment and medical aid.

Abdominal Swelling

Enlargement of the abdomen could be very problematic because of the large myoma that pushes the organs which might cause herniation.

Misconception and Infertility

This is due to the myoma that takes away the nutrition which is intended for the baby that grows inside the uterus. It becomes an unfit place for carriage and must be checked for tracing the myoma.

Irregular Menstruation

This is the most common sign that you may have a myoma inside your uterus. If you have an irregular bleeding which has a form of blood clotting, it best to seek a medical aid in which a general doctor would willing to give.

Affects your Sexual Intercourse

Due to the myoma that enlarges inside your uterus, you'll be having a hard time for having sex which would affect your drive because of the pain. The penetration causes forceful pressure towards the myoma which results in distress and harm.

Here are some lifestyle modifications to reduce the size of Myoma and prevent it as well:


Regular exercise induces a good blood flow and improves systemic immunity that will maintain a sound ovulation and healthy uterus.

Stress Control

Avoid too much stress and unhealthy habits. Too much stress could result in a deficiency of nutrition that could affect the immune system in the body.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Fresh organic vegetables and fruits are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. It is completely packed with essential nutrients for the body.

Avoid excessive amounts of beverages

Too much drinking of alcohol and soft drinks could result in dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated to maintain a sound cycle of storing fluids to the body and as well as eliminating wastes and toxins to our body.

Vitamins and minerals found in natural herbs

Herbs that are completely packed with antioxidants and essential minerals which could diminish cancer growth. There are a lot of herbal remedies which are all natural and organic that you could buy in the market.

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