First Month Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms That You Need to Know

The standard calculation to know the duration of weeks you started pregnancy is by counting the weeks that passed since your last menstruation. It is really hard to tell because of the range of time from the moment conception and weeks after it. Most of the ones who usually ask a query about this come up with confusion.

This article will share you what to expect in your early signs of pregnancy.

Many of these signs are caused by the hormones which are most active during pregnancy when the embryo starts to grow inside the uterus.

Here are the signs of early pregnancy:


A very light bleeding of the cervix which is common in the 1st week after conception.

Mood swings

This is really an unusual feat of having pregnancy but rarely happens. This might be due to a lapse of the psychological behavior of having pregnancy and also hormonal surges.

Breast tenderness

Breast swelling is common on maternal periods which makes the breast larger and readies itself for nourishing the baby after giving birth.

Stomach cramps

Irregular cramps on the stomach are more common during early pregnancy due to nutritional imbalance like calcium deficit and potassium deficiency. Start taking nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables.


It is advised to women who are having a baby to do a hard time work. It is better to rest more often and do light home exercises for the development of the baby.

Irregular urination

There is an increase in waste production because of the baby growing inside. Frequent urination is normal in pregnant women and is advised to ingest a lot of water for an adequate hydration.


Dizziness is a normal condition due to the imbalance in energy supply of the mother who is pregnant.

Food cravings or picky eating

Most pregnant women are thought to have a distinct craving for different foods maybe because of their mood swings.


This is a rare condition while having a pregnancy. This might be because of the increased pressure inside the womb which affects the vagal nerve.


Due to an increased activation of the hormone called Progesterone, muscle imbalance and stomach upset are the usual effects.


It is a common condition where the activation of progesterone excessively decreases the tone of the blood vessel which causes it drop.

Increased senses for scent

Because of their hunger that is hard to be satiated, their instinctive senses gets on edge.


Decreased oxygen level or increased waste products in the blood during pregnancy are the usual cause of this symptoms.

Low back pain

Low back pain is common during pregnancy. There are a lot of factors that contribute here which are hormonal activation of relaxin which loosens up the cartilages or even energy imbalance due to pregnancy.

Cease of menstruation

It is normal that menstruation ceases while having a baby. It means that the uterus is at work and not fertile.

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