Babala! Huwag Kumain ng Luya Kapag mayroon kayong mga Sakit at Kondisyon na Nakasulat dito.

Ginger is a well flowering plant which is widely used as a spice or medicinal herb. It is widely accepted and tolerated in all parts of the world because it provides aid in various medical disorders and it also filters out toxin from the body. The Chinese and Indians have used ginger tonics to relieve ailments and health conditions for over 4,700 years.

Regrettably, too much ginger is also bad for your health. Other research studies explicitly want us to avoid it at all costs.

If consumed in reasonable quantities, ginger has few negative side effects.

Here are the reasons why ginger should be avoided by many:


It stimulates the release of digestive enzymes which improves fat metabolism. Although ginger is packed with dietary fibers and balances out the level of pH in the stomach, it could make you lose your appetite and could induce irregular menstrual cycles which are considered unhealthy for a long run.

Blood disorders

Patients with hemophilia should avoid having ginger for it may neutralize the effects of medication that was prescribed in treating the condition. Hemophilia is a condition in which the blood is unable to clot. Ginger will only make the problem even worse for it may counteract the effect of drugs prescribed for this ailment.

It is advised to people those who deal with obesity, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease. There are some people experience moderate side effects including heartburn, diarrhea, and stomach flu.


Ginger is not suggested to women whose pregnant because it may cause premature childbirth. It is also is a suspected for having risks of mutagenicity or child birth defect.

Although ginger could improve digestion, stimulate muscles and reduce morning sickness, it could affect the absorption of iron and fat-soluble vitamins in the body.


Scientists believed that ginger could thin out blood and prevent them from coagulating and also could lower blood pressure. Never use ginger as a therapeutic medication for diabetes or hypertension. It could affect the insulin, beta-blockers, and effects of coagulation of the blood which may worsen the condition.

Also, blocked intestines may react terribly to large quantities of fresh ginger.