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A lot of herbal medicine and newly developed drugs have been flourishing in the mainstream lately. We all knew that most of them are very effective in abating the most dangerous diseases we've ever known.

Also, there are some old healing techniques that we still practice like acupuncture and acupressure could challenge those medicinal drugs about their effectivity in treating certain diseases and diminish the symptoms you encounter.

Although there are times that we could choose depending on our necessity whether to use them or not, it is better to have many options that could help you heal your body in ways without experiencing any side-effects.

There is a method called reflexology which defines a healing technique that is part of an alternative remedy which is used for bodily ailment by providing stimulation through pressure spots or pressure points in the body.

In this technique, they use their hands to provide pressure in a certain spot and holding it for 6 seconds which is followed by a brief cessation of pressure for 3 seconds then another wave of pressure is administered for several minutes.

This technique enables your body to enhance its functions and stimulates our body to release a natural hormone that helps to suppress pain.

According to this technique really does wonders for the body.

Dr. Oz, who is a devoted follower of this practice, asked Deborah Flanagan, experienced reflexologist, to persuade their audience how this technique does ease for the body to gain relief from their troubled condition through an experiment by selecting guest volunteers.

Some of the people have been suffering from sinus blockage, constipation, fatigue and sleeplessness, diminished libido, and back pains.

People who have sinus blockage, constipation, fatigue, insomnia, decreased libido, and back pain sought the effectiveness of this technique.

The video will teach you on how this technique could provide effective results and showcase acupressure to the body. Check this out:

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