Craving for Avocado? Check this Easy Way on How to Grow Avocado in your Home! Find out how!

Most of the people get a really hard time in having avocados for it is very rare to find in a market and sometimes cost highly. It tastes very good and comes to almost anything as a healthy ingredient in a dessert, salad or even in the main course meal.

It is a sweet and refined fruit which is loaded with lots of nutritious content such as vitamins and minerals that provide a healthy boost in your dietary lifestyle.

Because of its nutritional benefits, this fruit is usually served in any household for it settled its reputation in people who constantly aware of having a fit and healthy lifestyle.

With this, the demand on avocados rises up as supplies on the market trims down. But fret not, for we would like to provide you a way on how to grow avocados at home with this easy direction.

Things you have to do:

For you to grow the avocado seed, you would be needing tiny sticks and put it in the avocado seed to be set on proportional distance across its diameter.

Let it soaked down on a water from top to bottom in a cup for at least two to six weeks straight under the sunlight.

When it sprouts its roots and stem grows about six inches long, you have to cut back its roots to 3 inches but not the leaves. Let it grow until the roots harden.

Place it in the center under a ten-inch diameter pot with a fertilized soil. The roots of the seed must be set on the ground for it to grow and settle its roots. Its half should be seen for the leaves to gather sunlight. The pot must also have a hole for drainage of water in case of flooding.

Water the plant daily in order for it to grow faster. Do not let it the leaves dry out. You can add some fertilizers on the plant from time to time for its nourishment. After some time, it will grow big enough so you can plant it in the yard for a suitable environment or find a bigger pot.

You can now enjoy it bear fruit once it gets large enough.

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