Check These 23 Amazing and Interesting Facts About Left Handed Person and Ambidextrous Ones that Many of Us Probably Didn't Know!

It is really hard for a left-handed person to struggle in life surrounded by people who are right-handed individuals. But being a left handed person has it's also its advantages in adapting to the preferred lifestyle of many.

Science has also revealed a special set of personality traits that left-handed people manage to have. Although it still seems kind of vague, scientists aren’t exactly sure how people get their hand dominance but research only located a complex link between genes and environment.

Here are the things you need to know about being a left-handed:

1. Left-handed people covers only 5-10% of the population which makes them very uniquely rare.
2. In the Anglo-Saxon period, the word left which based from "lyft" means broken or weak.
3. Left-handed dominance has a more active right-side brain function.
4. They are more capable of excelling in sports such as tennis, swimming, boxing, and baseball.
5. They are more capable of seeing clearly underwater than the right-handed ones.
6. Almost 40% of great tennis players have a left-hand dominance.
7.  They are known to be late bloomers or has a late puberty.
8. They are 26% more chances of being successful than right-handed people.
9. They don't get easily addicted to alcohol as statistics say.
10. In America, almost 4 out of 7 states are being dominated its population by left-handed people.
11. Some animals can become left-handed too.
12. Some people are easily scared or gets intimidated by left-handed dominant people!
13. Get better quickly from brain accidents or strokes.

14. They can draw figures or characters facing to the right.
15. They have left handed day commemoration once a year – August 13th.
16. Good at multitasking and crafty.
17. Twice as more likely to be a man.
18. Having ridiculous points on the intelligence scale.
19. Good at perception and thinking.
20. Has a more active brain than right-handed ones.
21. Right-hand folks may become ambidextrous if they injure their right hand or arm.
22. Ambidexterity is sometimes supported in activities requiring a great deal of skill in both hands which are easy for most left-handed people.
23. Left-handed ones are more prone to acquire a lot of motor skills in their non-dominant hand than right-handed people.