Check Out These 7 Early Dangerous Signs of Breast Cancer to Prevent them from Getting Worse!

Around 252, 710 women are diagnosed with breast cancer which is estimated in 2017 and around 40,610 women who are diagnosed with it are likely to die.

Breast cancer is second to the most deadly in all cancer-related conditions. Women who are aged over 50 years old have more risk of acquiring this condition and must be keenly aware at the age of 25. Thousands of men also acquire this condition or develop the early symptoms of breast cancer.

Awareness for breast cancer is a must and a dire need for screening are always important to reduce the risk of complications.

Here are some of the early symptoms of breast cancer:

Increase in breast size and shape

This symptom may be because of maturity, pregnancy, sexual arousal or shift in hormonal occurrences but further assessment and check up must be done in order to have a clear diagnosis on this subject. Lumps that can be palpated in the chest area and underarm may be linked to breast cancer.

Rashes and skin irritation

It is usually seen around the nipple area or the whole breast. Some blisters may eventually build up and further medical examination must be provided to distinguish the condition. Consult your primary doctor to know the underlying cause of these symptoms.

Breast discharge

Some people experience mammary discharges on their nipple when providing pressure. Sometimes this discharge has blood which could be very alarming. It is advised to seek medical attention with your doctor.


If you don't have any traumatic injuries that you accumulated in your chest or underarm and you have swelling over your chest area, maybe it's best to have it checked by your doctor right away. It could be a sign that the lumps might have grown and some tissues are getting inflamed because of the pressure it provides.

Skin texture irregularity

The skin texture around breast area changes. The breast skin appearance becomes like an orange peel skin which is called peau d'orange. Dimpling of the skin is usually the cause of the tumor inside the breast.

Nipple irregularity

The nipple goes inward and gets inverted. Sometimes it gets darker and inflamed than the other nipple area. If this is not noticed before and the appearance gets worse, you must seek a medical attention to prevent any complications that might happen.

Painful breast

A feeling of constant pain in the chest area without unknown cause. This is usually experienced in some cases with women who wear a bra that is so tight. Regardless, if this experience is surmountable and cannot bear the pain anymore. It is best to seek a better medical support for your well-being.

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