Check Out These 15 Effective Uses of Lime to Improve Hair, Skin and Health!

Lime is well-known for its medicinal qualities and uses to remedy various health problems.

It is also used for various effects in correcting facial problems and skin problem. Obtained from lime’s skin, the lime extracts could also be used for dressing culinary uses.

Lime consists of mainly of water and is an extremely good source of vitamin C which could be used as a cleansing agent and also for removal of toxins in the body.

These are the natural ways to effectively use lime fruit:

Facial Cleansing Agent

By using lime juice with brown sugar and honey, scrub it too deeply cleanse the face.

Decrease Facial Oil

Use a sliced lime as a natural astringent by rubbing it daily on the face around 15 minutes to minimize pores.

Acne Infection

Lime juice is effective in cleansing the face and preventing infection and dirt build up on the pores. Just apply the lime juice on the face and let it dry.

Reduces Dark Spots

Lime reduces the dark spots and acne marks. It also lightens up the skin tone by applying lime on the face by rubbing lime all over it.

Decrease Skin Pigmentation

It reduces the melanin build up and also aids in cellular regeneration. It is also an antioxidant which also prevents free radicals that damage cells.

Prevents Dandruff

Mixing lime juice and coconut or olive oil could help to fight dandruff. Massage the mixture into the scalp then rinse afterward.

Increase Hair Tone

It enhances hair tone and adds brilliance to the hair. Simply dilute the lime juice in the water which is used after having a shampoo.

Enhance Skin Texture and Glow

Use the grated lime skin or peel then mix it with yogurt. Apply it on the face and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly.

Cleanses the Stomach

Lime Juice is good for stomach detoxification. It removes the toxins out of the body and decreases cellular damage.

Weight loss

Lime juice decreases the fat build up and improves metabolism. Ingestion of lime juice every day would provide a lot of health benefits. Do this for 10 days to acquire results.

Prevents Vomiting

Ingestion of lime fruit could decrease the effects of nausea.

Enhances Immune System

Taking lime juice every day provides a natural boost in the immune system because of its high content of vitamin C.

Improves Digestion

Lime juice helps to improve digestion by enhancing the pH level of the stomach. Just add lime juice in a warm water and ingest it for 10 days to increase metabolism of the stomach.


Lime juice and lemonades quench thirsts and keep the body well-hydrated.

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