Check Out These 10 Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Different Skin Problems!

Do you suffer from any skin diseases and looking alternatives for a cure? Are you getting frustrated in trying out many different mainstream treatments and medical drug for your skin condition?
Why not seek a more effective remedy for your ailment?

In this article, we will provide you a more natural alternative for your skin problems.

Tea tree oil is the natural alternative we recommend for you to try.

It is provided by the Melaleuca tree which is common to Australia. Due to its countless number of uses, this oil is clearly the most widely studied essential oil for its healing properties.

The native Aboriginal Australians use tea tree oil for a remedy in treating skin lesions until a renowned chemist, Arthur Penfold, discovered its effectivity in the 1920's according to the studies at the University of Sydney.

It is mainly used as an ingredient of numerous skin products because of its robust antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Doctors also prescribe this essential oil in some cases as an alternative treatment to standard drugs because it does not induce any side effects.

Here are the 10 conditions that you could cure with tea tree oil:

Acne Treatment

This oil can ease up inflammation of the pores that cause swelling on the skin because of its potent antibacterial and antifungal properties that deeply enters the skin and unclogs dirt and oil which then disinfect the pores until it dries out whiteheads, pimples, blackheads, and other skin blemishes.

It will also reduce the acne scars then lightens it up and restores the skin's condition. It also clears out toxins and inhibits the skin from clogging.


Warts are a common skin condition to many people. Although they do not cause any pain, people complain about them because they look awful and unpleasant.

Tea tree oil has antiviral and antiseptic qualities which prevent the virus that causes warts. It is an effective antimicrobial agent known as terpinen-4 which stops HPV-producing warts from their growth.

All you need to do is to apply a drop of pure tea tree oil to the wart and leave it on the affected area for at least 8 hours.

Cuts and Infections

Tea tree oil is a good first aid antiseptic treatment. It is an effective ointment for your cuts and infections which could be prepared with lavender oil for potent results.


By diluting 15 drops of tea tree oil with a 2 tablespoon virgin olive oil or almond oil on your bath tub, you can be relieved from the sores and itchiness of this skin problem. The antibacterial effect of this oil could prevent worsening of the infection. You can also set an amount of the combined mixture to the affected area twice a day.

Treats Athlete’s Foot

By mixing tea tree oil with arrowroot powder and baking soda, you can effectively prevent fungal infection which causes foul foot odor. Just fill a 1/2 cup of arrowroot powder and baking soda with equal proportion and 20 drops of tea tree oil then set it on the affected area. Do this twice daily.

Relieving Psoriasis

By mixing 10 drops of tea tree oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, you can now decrease the dryness and the infected dead skin cells just by applying the mixture to the affected area 2-3 times a day. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil can reduce the pain and limit skin irritation.

Makeup Cleanser

You can use this oil for a natural cleanser just by dip a cotton ball in the tea tree oil then clear the make up all over the face and wash it off with warm water.

Chicken Pox and Fade Scars

By mixing tea tree oil on your warm bath for half an hour, you could soothe your itchiness and irritations of chicken pox.


You could prevent inflammation due to skin boils by putting an amount of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and apply directly to the infected area. This also fights off the bacteria that causes the irritation.

Razor Burn Relief

It acts as a natural astringent that sets a cooling and soothing effect. Just put a drop of tea tree oil with witch hazel on a fresh gauze or cotton ball and apply it on the shaved area to minimize burning sensation.

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