Attention Girls! The Color of your Menstrual Blood Can Reveal All the Dangerous Changes in your Body!

Have a better grasp on how to know if you're having a healthy and fit body by keeping a health check through your menstrual blood discharge. This is one of the easiest ways in determining what is really transpiring within your body.

What's Your Menstrual Blood Color?

Brownish Red Blood

A brownish or very darkly red blood is a simply a dried up blood. There is nothing to worry about it and it is completely natural. Mostly, your menstrual cycle will start with this type of blood color because the periods might start slowly and it'll take some time for that blood to actually discharged from the body.

Darkish Pink Blood

It is common that the blood would change a lighter red or even pinkish tone as your cycle inclines to the middle and end. This blood freshly comes out from the body that's why it has that pink color tone.

Grey Blood

If you have this blood type color during your menstrual cycle, it could indicate that you have an infection. It may be due to a viral or bacterial infection inside the cervix. It is advised to seek medical aid because this is a serious case.

Orange Blood

Orange menstrual blood can mean that there's a possibility that you might have some vaginal mucus or other vaginal discharge which would be very irrelevant to your period. It can also be a sign that you have an infection. If you see orange blood frequently, or the blood has a foul odor to it, It is best to get a medical advice from your doctor to narrow down the potential threats or health related condition.

Grey/White or Foggy Color In Blood

If there's a gray or white tissue in your blood, you should be less wary or concerned about it. It could also be a part of your uterine lining which is actually shedding. It could also be a sign of having an ectopic pregnancy or an abnormal hormone balance. This is usually common but if this happens all the time, you should ask for a medical attention.

Instead of going to a medical store and buy overpriced chemical compounds with different side effects, it's best to use a natural remedy to fight infection while having menstruation.

Here are some natural remedies that will help you through your menstruation cycle:


Our body needs the good bacteria for metabolizing enzymes which fight off infection. Eating a yogurt daily will give you a boost in your immune system. You could also apply the yogurt directly on the affected area.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a highly praised home remedy to help with infections. It has shown remarkably high success rate when it comes to managing yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.


Garlic is shown to have many anti-fungal properties. Just simply put a crushed garlic on the affected area overnight or wash it with water daily.

There are almost different kinds of ways that you can naturally and effectively provide a solution about it. It is best to try these alternative remedies that come cheap and very efficient.

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