A Scientists from Amsterdam Claimed That You Can Cure Breast Cancer in Just 11 Days Without Chemotherapy! Here's His Explanation!

There are a lot of women around the world who suffer from breast cancer and considers it as a death sentence.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in females worldwide which accounts for almost up to 16%. Almost 2 out of 10 people die with breast cancer on both male and female worldwide.

A recent research study was been presented by Professor Nigel Bundred at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam. The findings serve to calculate the effects of several drugs such as Herceptin, also known as trastuzumab, and Lapatinib.

These medications have already been in use for handling cancer patients yet it is the very first time that they have used it together in combination without any use of invasive treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy.

The combination of these drugs which are both a targeted cancer drug or biological therapy drug can effectively destroy cancer cells in the breast in just 11 days.

This research has been established by the Cancer Research UK. The goal of that study is to fight off breast cancer with the use of two different type of drugs by targeting a specific protein called HER2, also known as Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2, which has an influence on the development and growth of cancer cells.

Unlike chemotherapy and surgery, the great thing about this treatment is its capability to treat cancer without having side effects of:
  • Loss of hair
  • Weakness and Fatigue
  • Nausea/Dizziness
In this study, researchers have tested 257 women that are HER2 positive breast cancer patients which undergone drug therapy. Half of the controlled group test subjects received Herceptin only while the other half used the combination drugs, Herceptin and Lapatinib.

Results of the research:
  • 11% women who took the combination drug have eliminated all the cancer cells in just two weeks and about 17% of cases had intensely shrunken their tumors.
  • In comparison to the controlled group, the former had no trace of cancer cell deterioration and only 3% of the controlled group had shown a decrease in the size of the tumor.
  • Herceptin and Lapatinib is a highly effective biological drug combination in treating breast cancer rather than using the drugs independently. 
  • This research is a great step towards the battle against this fatal diseases.
  • The only issue about this treatment is that it is not yet licensed and still needs a medical approval. It is only allowed if it is used together with chemotherapy.
This research still needs time to be refined but the people behind this are trying to improve the treatment for their medical application.