9 Signs Telling You That You Are Over-stress and Could Lead To Health Problems

Many of us misunderstood that stress is a bad thing for our body. Our body also needs an adequate stress-or!

In fact, stress is just a way your body tells you on how to respond in our environment in any kind of demand or threat. Another thing about it is that it is the sensation we experience under pressure.

But regardless of this, stress must also be leveled and not too much for it may trigger various health related problems.

Most people really do have a hard time figuring out these conditions.

It is better to know these things in order to have a better out look and strategy to do before it gets worse. It's good enough to learn about this now rather than too late.

Here are the reasons why you are over stressed:

Diminished libido

You may experience a less sexual arousal due to hormonal imbalance which gives you a decreased sex drive which is accompanied with weakness and easy fatigability. It is important to resolve this earlier for it may cause impotence. It is better to seek counsel with your doctor to provide a better advice and treatment.

Hair loss

There are researches which confirm that stress affects hair growth. Some over stressed people lose more hair frequently than normal people do. In a long run, this will affect your lifestyle and even self-confidence.

Mood swings

Stress also affects the mood of a person which could escalate to emotional distress. Due to an imbalance of hormones, people might suffer constant mood swings, anxiety, or any other mental problems. It is better to consult your psychologist in order to give an informative advice and remedy for your condition.


It is good to be a man of focus and have a sheer will driven by your goals. Many people have been struggling with this and also affects your lifestyle due to over-exertion which eventually lead to over stress. It is advised to take a time to relax and breath a little to enjoy life. Over burdening yourself could risk you from having certain health problems and in the long run, might put you in danger.

Undesirable Weight Gain or Loss

Stress build up may improve or diminish your metabolism. It may affect your satiety center in your brain due to its behavioral and metabolic altercation.

It is really important to have a proper diet and healthy lifestyle by doing workout activities or physical training.

Sleeping problems

Sleep deprivation is one of the many symptoms of over stress. Stress affects your behavioral sleep-wake pattern which is governed by the hypothalamus in the brain. If you experience this frequently, it best to seek aid with a doctor to help you out in your situation. Avoiding stressful stimulus could also help you improve your healthy habits.


Stress may result in a hormonal imbalance which may result to unhealthy brain activities. Frequent stimulation of these stressors may affect your lifestyle which induces mood disorders such as increased anxiety.

Stress triggers anxiety and restlessness. If not treated on time, it may have a devastating effect on your overall health.


Due to heightened stress, it is very likely to have an offset mind. You are always on edge and out of shape. It is better to ask for help and guidance for yourself to avoid worsening of mental state. Anger management is also advised.


It may also affect your body and sometimes experience a stress-induced pain regardless of having a healthy body. It may include chest pain, stomach ulcer, palpitation and frequent muscle pain. It is better not only to have a fit body but to also have a sound mind.

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