8 Ideal Foods to Strengthen Your Teeth and Prevent Enamel Erosion

Due to the vigorous use of our teeth, enamel erosion and tooth decay are one of the conditions that are endured by most people.

Although regular flossing and brushing are important, you also need to consider the foods you eat.

These are the 8 effective foods that will strengthen your teeth and prevent enamel erosion:

Dark chocolate

It is very unlikely to recommend sugar, especially chocolate, for your teeth. Yet, chocolates contain tannin which is necessary for teeth protection. Tannin strengthens the teeth to avoid enamel erosion and also minimizes inflammation of the gums.


Celery is rich in fibers which aid in maintaining clean and healthy teeth. It also promotes the normal pH levels in your mouth when chewed for a long period of time. This will also prevent plaque formation on the enamel. The fibers also have an antibacterial effect on your gums which provides a fresher breath.

Milk and Cheese

Both of these contains vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorous which are necessary for bone remodeling to prevent erosion and provides a healthy teeth. Milk promotes resorption on the bones. It also enhances secretion of saliva which protects the teeth from harmful bacterias. It also controls normal pH level on the mouth.

Cheese has also the ability to fights off acid erosion on the teeth.  Consuming cheese after the meals aids to neutralize the acid. This prevents the teeth from decaying.


It contains a lot of vitamins which provides nutrition to our body. Apples contain fiber which is fitting for cleaning your teeth. This minimizes tooth decay build-up in your teeth after a meal. Although apples are important in neutralizing enamel-damaging acids, habits of consuming apples must be regulated since they have acids which can be harmful to your oral hygiene.


Oranges contain vitamins and acids that work as a natural cleanser of the mouth. The vitamin C found in citrus reinforces tissue and blood vessels preventing gum diseases by minimizing inflammation. Health experts tell that these acids are the cause in the erosion of enamel.


It has natural contents that prevent bacterial formation which will induce a fresher breath. Researchers also imply about chewing parsley is way better than taking a gum or mint. Parsley enhances production of saliva which prevents bad smell and tooth decay.


They are a great source of vitamins D which allows absorption of calcium which improves the teeth and prevents gum diseases. It is always important to have enough calcium in your diet daily. They also prevent inflammatory responses which are characterized by swelling, redness, bleeding, and buildup of bacteria.

Green and Black tea

Both of these tea contains polyphenols which kill or suppress bacterial infections which cause plaque formation on the teeth. The sugar left in your mouth leaks acids on teeth enamel which causes tooth decay.

It is recommended to take tea during and after a meal since it removes the acids which produce bacteria in the mouth. The polyphenols and fluoride in each tea contain cavity-fighting and teeth strengthening characteristics.

It is best to always keep maintaining a healthy oral life. Share this article!