8 Negative Effects Of Water Deprivation In The Body

Hydration is a basic necessity in life which is essential to our health and daily living. It is critical for all organism because of its definite role for the proliferation of life.

If a person does poorly satisfy his hydration, it may induce several health issues and may cause severe problems which may lead to imbalances and malfunction in the body.

There are many indications that tell us if our body lacks a proper water intake and should be adequately addressed to prevent bodily disorder and other health difficulties.

Here are your body indicators that tell you if you are well hydrated or not:

Urine color

Darkened yellow to brown urine color indicates dehydration. It only means that your body had recycled water from the urine. The water balance is too low and needs to be maintained. If the water reserves in our body get depleted, complication on our organs such as the bladder and the urinary tract might get infected which could result in systemic failure.


A headache is a common sign of water deprivation because the brain gets less fluid from our body. Decrease water intake induces a severe headache due to dehydration for it essential in nutrient exchange in the brain.


Decreased water intake could induce dizziness due to the failure of water supply in the brain. A feeling of vomiting might be experiencing due to the imbalance of pH levels in the body.

Fast Heart Beat

Heart beats increases vigorously because of dehydration. The body complements itself from the imbalance and lack of fluid that's why it increases vaguely. This would make the heart uneasy and might induce problems in the future.

Dryness of Lips

Decreased water intake induces lips to become dry and gets chapped. It could make your damaged and bleed. It could also decrease humidity in the mouth and loss saliva production.


Fluid loss of at least 1–3% of your body weight could be thought as a mild dehydration and causes feelings of weakness and drowsiness during normal daily activities.


Decreased water intake could induce constipation due to stomach fluid imbalance. This is due to fluid and sodium depletion which could induce stomach cramps.

Less Skin Glow and Elasticity

Hydration can cause changes to the appearance and texture of your skin. A well-hydrated skin could provide you a normal elasticity of skin and turgor after being pulled or stretched out. This elastic feature is due to a well-rounded hydration all throughout the body.