8 Amazing Reasons Why Eggs Are Included In The List Of The Healthiest Food In The Planet

For a healthy spin in nutrition, many people have been testing different kinds of food to ensure their required dietary daily needs and trying to sort out it by selecting through detailed inspection on what it could provide.

Eggs are on the top of the lists as one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

It's been considered as one of the powerhouses of nutrients that could provide a maximum health boost due to their antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Here are the healthy reasons on how eggs could improve your brain and make your body leaner, stronger and immune to diseases:

Enhances immune system

Egg contains a high amount of antioxidants that are important in our immunity. They also help regulate the function of the thyroid gland and are required for immune system health.

Weight loss

Egg contains fewer calories and has lots of proteins that could help gain leaner muscle and fewer body fats. Eating an adequate amount of protein can help you lose weight, optimize bone growth and increase muscle fibers.

Improve brain memory

It has choline which is an important nutrient that aids in brain development which aids in better brain function and cognition.

Decrease the risk in heart conditions

Many research study which has been published in recent years correlates the relationship between egg consumption and the risk of having a heart disease. Egg raises HDL which is known as good cholesterol that improves fat metabolism. This likely lessen the risk of having heart attacks and stroke.

Decreases high blood pressure

Packed with amino acids which are an important nutrient in building muscle, eggs have shown a great deal in reducing high blood pressure.

Lowers the risk of having tumors

Eggs contain selenium which is important in our body to help in producing antioxidants that fight off cancer cells.

Reduces the risk of having breast cancer

Studies show that providing an egg on your daily dietary meal could decrease the possibility of getting a breast cancer.

High protein content

Eggs contain a high amount of proteins which are the main building blocks of the human body.  The role of proteins in the body is to act as an enzyme which catalyzes chemical reactions that are essential in most of all cellular activities.

In addition, they come cheap, readily prepared as it could be cooked in less than a few minutes yet still taste wonderful.

Hope we have satisfied you with this article!