7 Warning Signs That You Might Be Infected by HIV Virus

There are many random signs that cause HIV, but you should always remember to consult a doctor before jumping into any conclusions. However, this article is made for you to become more specific and equipped with knowledge from this cases.

As others and experts always say: "Prevention is better than cure," for that reason, always use protections or protective device whenever you are making love with someone who you would never expect he/she is infected by the disease.

The most well-known and terrifying signs of HIV

1. Unexplained Fever

Chronic or Constant Fever is very alarming to the person who has a guess or thoughts about having sexual intercourse after 1 week or months before the fever takes place.

2. Clumsy and always dragging down by fatigues

In this case, tiredness always has the entry through your system. HIV targets your stamina, for it to become imbalance and reduce your energy.

3. Aching muscles

If you feel like your legs, knees, wrist, and joints are always aching. Therefore, the infections are into you and have easily entered your system.


4. A headache and sore throat

Your immune system gets weakened as time goes by. In other words, you will often feel irritation in your throat and will also feel a strong headache for days and nights.

5. Skin rashes

Your skin reveals your overall health, so you need to know that the effects of HIV are visible on the skin which will form itchy rashes.

6. Your body gets thinner or weight loss

You are losing your appetite and losing interest with delicious foods.  You need to know that if there are changes in appearance or color of your nails, it does only mean that you're infected.

7. Sweating in Night or cold weather

You are having problems in sleeping at night. You cannot find the desired position and have difficulty in breathing.

Remember that always listen to what your body is telling you so that if any of the said signs and symptoms have you notice, consult your doctor immediately and ask for some professional advice to immediately give you various alternative treatment while the virus is still in early stage.