6 Warning and Dangerous Signs of Protein Deficiency That You Need to Know!

Did you know that almost all of our body is made up of proteins?

It is the chief biomolecule which is found in any organisms with different kinds of chemical functions. It is one of the major components in our body which is responsible in the cellular build up of tissues, bones, and muscles.

Studies confirm that ingesting a high-protein diet will provide you many health benefits. These proteins are usually found in foods such as meat which is absorbed by the body to grow and function adequately.

We need to have an adequate amount of protein daily to maintain a balanced metabolism in our body and regulate the proper blood sugar levels. Our body uses the protein that we intake and metabolize it to make a lot of specialized protein molecules that have specific functions in our body.

Inadequate intake of proteins to the body could induce complications and body deterioration.

These are the early signs of protein deficiency that you need to be aware of:

Hair Loss

Decreased protein intake could influence hair fall or hair breakage because of decreased nourishment for proteins. The body will suddenly activate stressors and decrease its production of nourishment in the hair.


Protein deficiency might affect your body performance because the muscle has no adequate intake of nutrition. Protein is needed for muscle build up and repair. It is also needed in revitalizing our low energy levels.

Dryness of Skin

The skin will be for prone to skin diseases due to the dried skin. The fat under the skin loses its structure because of the muscle loss and skin turgor loses its quality.

Decreased muscle fibers

Because of protein deficiency, muscle atrophy is common. The muscle fibers lose their adequate nutritional needs. The body starts to compensate the loss of protein in the body and starts to metabolize body tissues to synthesize protein.

Swelled up eyes and hands

Protein has an important role in maintaining the regulation of the water fluids in the body.  Deficiency of protein provides edematous formation on the eyes and extremities because of the reduction of plasma proteins in the blood.