50% Of All Colon Cancer Cases Could Be Prevented If Everybody Did These 9 Things

Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of cancer and the second most leading cause of death in the U.S. Over 95,000 new cases of colon cancer will arise as predicted within this year.

Essentially, our colon has an important role in our body. It accommodates the production, storage, and elimination of waste in our body. It also contains billions of bacteria that are responsible for maintaining a balance for a healthy body.

Presumably, colorectal cancer can be prevented. About 90% of colorectal cancer is due to environmental and lifestyle constituent. According to World Health Organization (WHO), they found out that processed meat, which is classified as a Group 1 carcinogen, can be the cause of colorectal cancer.

Researchers believed that cancer-related deaths are caused by unhealthy dietary practices, due to smoking, infectious diseases, and environmental factors such as radiation, pollution, etc. But by improving lifestyle, the risk of colorectal cancer could be lessened for about 50%.

Follow this healthy lifestyle to prevent colorectal cancer:

Eat more green leafy meals and fruits

Vegetables contain loads of amount of antioxidants and other nutritious health benefits such as magnesium. It is considered to have an ability to decrease insulin resistance which impedes the growth of tumor cells.

Studies show that if you eat fruits more often, it may reduce the risk of having colon cancer because it aids in the production of good bacteria which is required for your stomach.

Maintain an adequate vitamin D levels

According to a study, there's a decrease of risk in acquiring colorectal tumors if there is an adequate amount of vitamin D in the blood. Vitamin D enhances the immune system in fighting cancerous tumors.

Avoid Processed Foods

Due to the chemical compounds in preserving the processed food, a high tendency of cancer risk is at hand if you consume this type of food. This also includes the added nitrates in the coloring and flavoring in this food.

Consume Garlic

There are laboratory researches that have shown that women who regularly eat garlic lower the risk of having a stomach or colorectal cancer for it causes cancer cells to be reduced in the body. Consuming an aged garlic for 6 months enhances the immune system of individuals that was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Increased dietary fiber intake

Consuming a meal rich in dietary fibers had been linked to decreasing risk of having colorectal cancer. Food rich in dietary fibers prevents the toxins and compounds which cause cancer then flushes it out of our system.

Dietary fiber has been linked to a lower risk of colorectal cancer, particularly incident colorectal adenoma and distal colon cancer. Apparently, every 10 grams of fiber lowers the risk of colon cancer by 10 percent.

Red Meat Preparation

There have been some researches which show that people who eat red meat have an increased risk of having colorectal cancer by 24% than those who eat the least.

Red meat cooked at high temperatures might also contain carcinogenic cooking byproducts like heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are due to the insanely roasted meal.

But if you consume highly organic meat which is grass-fed, it will be good for your body because it is rich in anti-cancer compounds which should be cooked lightly.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

These habits increase the risk of having colorectal cancer.

Decrease weight and lose belly fat.

It is prescribed to eat the adequate meal daily and restrict yourself in having an excessive amount of foods which are not healthy for you. It is also linked in acquiring a higher risk of colon cancer.


According to studies, people who actively engage themselves in exercise significantly lowers the risk of developing cancer. Having a healthy active lifestyle maintains the adequate insulin levels needed for the body. It also activates a body mechanism known as apoptosis which engages cancer cells.

Exercise also improves blood circulation which enhances immune cell response to the body to fight off pathogens and cancer cells.

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