20 Early Signs and Symptoms Of Different Types Of Cancer Frequent Ignored By Many Women

Most women today are more conscious about their skin or physical appearance condition than health issues. If pimples have appeared in their face most of them are uneasy the whole time, but when it's just a simple cough or wheeze, they just ignore them neglecting the possibilities that a dangerous condition is already growing from their bodies.

As years gone by, various sickness has already out there, and different deadly cancer disease affecting many people has already spread. Many signs of Cancer has been neglected until it became worst and already unstoppable. So, I think it is the time that you need to know what are those signs that Cancer is already growing in a woman's body and for you to have a chance to fight and defeat this deadly disease.

We highly advise you that don't just do a routine check, you must also look for strange signs and see odd or different things and changes. Here are some of the signs that we often neglect:

20 Cancer Signs
  • A cough and chest pains - These are the common signs of Leukemia and Lung Cancer.
  • Wheeze/short breaths - a Common sign of Lung Cancer.
  • Fever and infections - Common signs of Leukemia due to blood cells are affected in the marrow itself.
  • Swelling in lymph nodes or neck/armpit/groin - Any Cancer Condition.
  • Difficulty in swallowing - Common signs of Esophageal Cancer or Lung Cancer.
  • Bruising and Bleeding than usual - A common sign of Leukemia.
  • Pelvic pain and abdomen pain - usually signs of Ovarian Cancer and Leukemia due to the larger spleen.
  • Fatigue/weakness - Signs of various cancer types. Consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

  • Bloating - Signs of Ovary Cancer.
  • Satiety and less appetite - Another sign of Ovary Cancer.
  • Rectum or blood in stool - Means that you need an urgent colonoscopy because you might have Colorectal Cancer.
  • Upset Belly - Signs of Colorectal Cancer.
  • Strange weight loss - This could be a sign of Colon Cancer or Digestion Tract Cancer, it's might be an indication that cancer has already reached the liver.
  • Swollen and sore breast - an obvious signs of Breast Cancer.
  • Changes in nipples - A common sign of Breast Cancer.
  • Swollen face - You might have a tumor in the lungs that block blood flow inside the chest and to the face. This could be a Lung Cancer.
  • Heavy and aching periods - You need an urgent ultrasound because this might be a Uterus Cancer.
  • Lower back and right side pain - A common sign of Liver Cancer.
  • Nail changes - A common signs of Lung Cancer or Liver Cancer.