18 Reasons Why your Partner Lost the Spark in your Relationship

Does your partner lose their affection for you? Do you always feel ashamed about their mistreatment towards you? And you always wish that you could take the bad stuff away.

Here are the reasons why your partner had failed you:

They are always at your inconvenience

Your partner always gives you less time and sometimes none at the very least. Both of you must give time to each other in order for your relationship to grow and work. 

They are doubtful to you

If you ever feel like he's not giving enough love for you, you may have to think about confronting your partner if he really wants to be with you. A one-sided love is not a love at all.

Every attention must revolve around them

You must put all your attention towards your partner. If you keep on providing all the time, effort, and love towards them, there will be nothing left for you but the pain eventually.

You're always the one at fault in your relationship

Your partner always sees you as the one to be the blame even though you're not the one at fault. 

Your partner treats you with arrogance

They always think their superior to you and treats you lesser than you deserve. It is very imperative to see that you must not care for your partner anymore. You should think more for yourself and regain your self-esteem for yourself.

They are being rude and impolite towards you

If your partner truly values you, cares for you, or even loves you in any way, he must not show any inappropriate behavior towards you.

They are giving you less encouragement

It is essential in a relationship to support each other every time they face a trial or a problem. But if you're partner always puts you down and discourages you, it is the time that you must face facts and leave your partner for your own good. This will somehow weigh you down and by the time you notice that you're sinking into a deep water it is probably too late.

They treat you like a stranger

Your partner does tell you anything about his personal life. He doesn't want to talk about anything deeper to you. He is less trusting towards you when it comes to deep conversations and personal life. When your partner makes you feel this way, it is best to confront them if you truly mean something in their life.

They make you feel like you are such a waste

Being with a partner that only sees you as a garbage is really hurtful and will eventually stress your life out. It is best to find your center and walk out on a relationship like this.

They don't regret their mistake or anything at all

They always commit the same mistakes. They don't make amends to the things they've done towards you even if they hurt you. If they really care about you, they won't even bother to make such mistakes just to see you hurt.

They're making you change your ways to their own liking

If they really love you, they would accept you for who you are and ought not to be. You are unique in your own way and must not be ashamed of who you are. Don't try to fit yourself in their own demand just to be appreciated. Learn how to value yourself and seek confidence in what you truly are.

You don't feel any love

They have no sense of humility and all they ever want from you is your body. They only try to seek pleasures of the body and not of the soul. If they really value you, they will not use you in ways that disrespect your body.

They always cheat

There are many forms of cheating and the most painful type is loyalty. To think that you whole-heartedly gave up everything to them and trust yourself to them but only to find out that they are just fooling around with you and also with other people. You should leave them off and try to collect yourself from the pain you struggling in.

They don't tend to your safety

It is essential in a relationship that you seek utmost satisfaction for your partner. If they ever put you on any type of anguish, you should think of staying away from the ones who hurt you. This is the only way you could find peace for yourself. It is okay to get selfish if it's something about your well-being.

They do not bother listening to you

Listening is one of the important parts of a relationship. If your partner loses their attention to you, they would stop all their relations with you.

They are making you cry

Never let people try to belittle you and only make yourself feel worse. Tears are only good if it was shared with laughter and trials of getting stronger. But if your partner makes you cry with simple petty feelings, it is time to leave and never come back to the ones that hurt you.

They have much time for themselves but none for you

It is okay to have their own personal private time. But if they lose their touch in pampering you a little or at least in any way as possible, maybe it's a sign that they value you no more. They should not be a kind of people having a relationship.

They don't commit to their vow

They fear commitment or getting tied up in a relationship. They only tend to be in love but not committed. Dump this person out of your life. They will only make your life worse. You should find people who are willing to sacrifice enough just to make time for you.