13 Amazing Things Will Happen If you Put An Ice Cube at this Area of your Head! Find Out Here!

Ice Therapy helps in the transfer of oxygen to your muscle tissue and thus helps your body repair any damage. It is an effective method in use for cooling off warmed and swelled up muscles or joints. Icing has a lot of medical benefits. It could also help you to recover from a fever and some body aches.

But there is a technique where you could apply the ice on a specific part of the body which could result in different kind of effects that could improve your health and body.

After doing this, it feeds you a sensation of boosting your energy and appears like you've been recharged only at a little amount of time. It makes you feel young and full of positivity.

This acupuncture technique is known as Feng Fu in Chinese medicine. This Eastern approach goes way back in the old times and tradition remedy is used in abating different types of symptoms.

With this technique, practitioners of Feng Fu utilize the use of ice cubes or icicle stick on a specific part of the body called Fen Fu point for a duration of 20 minutes which eventually provides a point of freezing. It makes your muscle drop its temperature to the point that it makes construction on the blood vessels to improve healing. It also slows down nerve conduction that induces the pain to subside.

It also promotes the production of endorphin in the blood which gives a feel good state in the body.

These Are The Health Benefits From Feng Fu Technique:
  • Improves digestion
  • Decrease fever
  • Promotes sleep
  • Enhances the cardiovascular and pulmonary system
  • Decreases pain and headaches
  • Diminish risk of infection
  • Prevent the risk of having degenerative diseases and better control for neurological disorder
  • Decrease blood pressure level and as well as arthritis
  • Decrease the risk of having thyroid problem
  • Lessen asthma attacks
  • Decrease body toxins
  • Control weight balance
  • Avoid stress and depression as well as insomnia
Feng Fu has a reputation in Chinese medicine because of its effectivity. It could always promote the body in order to recover from weakness and return to its normal state.

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