You Won't Believe What Will Happen Next If You Hold Your Hand In This Position For At least 5 Minutes! Find Here..

According to some experts, our hands has many active points that can give your body and mind a power. Simply you will press your middle finger or the other ones. As you read this article try it and you will surely surprise to its result.

Surya Mudra

This hand pose will help you improve your digestion and metabolism. This technique is also used to lower the blood pressure and treat appetite problems.

The middle finger

Try to press your middle finger it helps you to ease your anger, the annoying environment and being tired than usual. It can lessen the blood pressure and it keeps you to calm down.

The forefinger 

Some study said that this finger can ease the pain in your back and you will feel better after a session of reflex therapy. The forefinger has an active point to control your muscle pain and it can relax you from any disappointment. Clench your forefinger with the other hand for about 5 minutes or more until you feel better.


The little finger

This finger is accountable for stress, nervousness, and self-esteem. If you are prone to put down yourself, it is advisable to press and massage your little finger for 5 minutes and try to think of happy memories it will help you to relax your mind.

The ring finger

Massage and press your ring finger until you feel better from sad emotion or negative emotions for 5 minutes. After massaging your ring finger choose to keep calm your emotion and watch how you breathe.

The thumb

If you are experiencing headache because of nervousness, gently press your thumb for 5 minutes or more until you feel better. This finger can help to lessen your headaches and anxiety.

The palm

According to experts, massaging the center of your palm can relax your emotions and feelings. Gently press the fingers of the other hand towards the middle of the palm and massage it in a circular motion. Some study shows that it can lessen the possibility of diarrhea, nausea, stress and constipation.

Palm pressed to another palm

Pressing your palm to the other palm can improve your blood circulation. It can also help to improve your metabolism and digestion. It can also help to the person who is low blood and loss their appetite.


Doing these techniques can help you with some of your health problems. Just follow the hand formation and position and hold the position for at least 5 minutes for each position. Try it now, nothing will lose if you try at least one of the stated techniques above.