You Will Be Shock If You Find Out What is the Meaning of This Sticker In Your Fruits

Have you noticed the sticker in the fruits that you frequently buy in the supermarkets? Do you know what it means? Well, if not you will surely be surprised if you decided to continue reading this.

There are times that we get curious of the stickers in the fruit that we usually buy in the market, it will also catch your attention before you bite an apple. It will catch your attention because these stickers are printed on a bright logos and also there is a printed price look-up logo.

Fruit stickers are printed attractively because the producer wants to advertise its product as well as to give a suitable information and important facts to us. As you read this article you will determine what does the numbers mean and its top secret.

If the fruit does not have PLU code: It is important that the fruit you will buy in supermarkets has a PLU code if none it only means that it did not go through a safety check or quality check and it might be dangerous for us to eat it. Fruits that are imported from other countries should always have fruit stickers or labels indicating it is safe to eat and no dangerous chemicals on it.

A four-digit code that begins in 3 or 4: If a fruit sticker has 4 digits that start with 3 or 4 it simply means that the fruit or vegetables are made of modern agricultural techniques. It includes fertilizer and pesticides.

A five digit code that begins with number 8: When you saw this sticker to the fruits that you usually buy, it means that those fruits or vegetables are genetically modified because it is part of its growing process.

A five digit code that begins with the number 9: If you saw this code in the fruit stickers it simply means that the fruit is grown with an old and organic farming. It uses their bare hands and without any chemicals but they use an organic fertilizer. It is considered as organic products.