This Oil Can Help You Destroy Colon Cancer Cells But Only a Few People Know About This!

The food that you eat every day takes an hour before it is carried to the temporary storage of feces. Once you ate the food it travels through your mouth to the inner organs where it is partially breakdown with the help of saliva. Saliva contains an enzyme that helps to break down food into small particles.

The small particles are transmitted to the esophagus and delivered to your stomach.  The stomach has two openings, one in the intestine and one in the esophagus. It is called sphincters, responsible in preventing anything going forward as well as preventing from going back.

The major absorption of nutrients happens in your small intestine in which the small particle foods are combined with the pancreatic juice and bile. Bile is responsible for making your stool brown. After that process, the combined food and pancreatic juice are removed by water and form to stool that you waste every day.

Despite this, there are times that the bacteria gets interrupted because of skipping your meal, parasitic infection or unhealthy and improper diet that can result in scarring. As the time goes by, the bacteria starts to multiply and destroy some major tissues in the body. To add with that, some cancer cells can move to the colon and it can change the healthy cells. If this case might happen colon cancer cells will develop eventually.

Obtaining colon cancer is a struggle because it can disturb the correct digestion process. This situation can prevent by using a coconut oil.

According to some study, coconut oil can prevent spreading of colon cancer cells. Coconut oil can boost the performance of phagocytosis that can destroy the cancer cells. Aside from colon cancer, it can help to prevent hepatitis C, herpes and mononucleosis.

Imagine if there is a further study of coconut oil works on cancer cells it will bring us an amazing result.  Coconut oil is a wonderful ingredient to prevent cancer.

There are many ways to use coconut oil for your daily consumption. You can add coconut oil to your tea, your blended vegetable or fruit juices, or you can also add them up into your salad or any healthy food that you frequent consumed. Try it now.

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