This Beverages Can Destroy Your Bones and Bring Negative Effect to your Health But You Still Chose to Drink it Almost Every Day!

Water can dissolve everything that is why it is considered as the universal solvent. Water can be used in anything. In contradiction to that our all time drink is soda. Soda has a large number of consumers because some people prefer to drink it than water.

As you read this article you will know how soda works in your body after you swallow it.

The first 10 minutes: Soda contains a high level of sugar. One cup of soda contains 10 tablespoons of sugar. This is the maximum level or the suggested consumption of sugar that you must consume every day.

After 20 minutes: The sugar that you intake will be converted into fat and transmitted to the liver. It only means that your insulin and glucose level will increase.

After 40 minutes: The soda also contains caffeine and it is also absorbed by the body.  After you consume it there might have an increase in blood flow and your liver will produce sugar and because of this, your hormone receptor of adenosine will be blocked. It has a big chance that you will be more tired than the usual.

After 45 minutes: Your mood will change from time to time due to the secretion of dopamine will increase.

After 50 minutes: Due to the artificial sweetener from the soda other substance present in your body will also increase such as zinc, phosphate, calcium, and magnesium.

After 60 minutes: You will experience frequent urinating after an hour.

After more than an hour: As you eat chocolate you will feel energized and hyper just like drinking soda you will also experience it as well as changing your mood from time to time.

It is okay to drink soda but avoid drinking it too much. Our body needs a correct amount of sugar. If you have a health problem like diabetes or alike avoid drinking soda. Consume more water than drinking this kind of drink.