Things that Women Wish Men Knew About Their Periods

It is uncomfortable for women to talk about a monthly period to their partners. Men tend to walk away from this topic because it really feels uncomfortable. Sometimes they listen to this topic and think how they can help you. In fact, there are ways to make both of our lives be easy and comfortable during this monthly issues.

  • Women experience a different type of monthly period: Women's period lasts for three to seven days or sometimes more. Women experiencing monthly period have muscle cramps and mood swings or emotional changes. Some lady bleeds heavy and some are not. 
  • Do not act uncomfortable: Just act normal. There are times that it was discussed publicly but it is more uncomfortable if it was less discussed. Some girls are lying about it. One of their alibis is they have a headache but the truth is it was menstrual cramps.

  • It can cause severe pain: Women explain that muscle cramp is more like;y having labor contractions. Sometimes if the pain is too severe, women quit their usual daily activity for the reason they cannot do it properly. Some women put a heating pad or water bottle to their lower abdomen to ease the pain. 
  • Women are so thankful if you show an extra care that week:  Women are grateful if you show a little compassion when they are experiencing their monthly period. Treat them as your princesses like having more patience in understanding their mood swings or emotional changes, give them some comfort food and buy them an extra pad. They will feel thankful on that because you help them during that rough moment. 
  • Women feel worse if you complain about their period: Women loves to stay at home during that rough day. They just want to spend their time resting and eating some comfort food. Stop complaining about their periods it can bring them more pain and stress it cannot be helpful to the both of you. 
  • Women hate being mocked: Women hate being mocked and asked them if it is the time of the month. They also hate being teased in public. It is not a joke. They feel embarrassed for something they cannot stop. 

  • Women hope you know the basic mechanics of menstruation: It is their instinct that they feel awkward towards their opposite sex. They feel uncomfortable dealing with men during this period. Women hope that you know about how monthly period works. 
  • Periods can change women physically and emotionally: Women are experiencing muscle cramps, increased in acne, mood swing, back pain, bloating and headaches during their monthly period. According to some experts, it is possible to have some changes in a physical and emotional aspect of women during red days because during this period there are some fluctuations in their hormones that is why there are several changes.