The Color Of Your Urine Can Tell If Your Body Is Healthy or in Critical Condition Which Need Some Medical Attention!

Many people are not aware of the color of their urine not knowing that it has something to say about your health condition and they keep on ignoring it. There's a lot of things that everyone should know about their urine because it tells a lot of things.

If you realize that there is something wrong with your health the color, odor, consistency of your urine can be used as an indicator for numerous health issues.

Urine is composed of 5% urea, potassium, and creatinine and 95% of water as well as product or chemical process in our body involved in both of the urinary and digestive systems. Urobilin is a waste product that made from the breaking down of the red blood cells and turns to have yellow urine color.

Here are the colors of urine and what they tell about your health:


A clean urine tells us that our body is excessively hydrated and might be a sign of dissolved electrolytes as well us chemical misbalance inside our body.

Light Yellow

A light yellow urine shows that our body is properly hydrated and healthy because a light yellow urine is said to be the healthiest and normal urine color.


As a result of consuming excessive amounts of beets, this color of the urine actually happen. If you noticed that your urine is pink you have to visit your urologist as soon as possible because it might be a serious indicator that there is a blood that can be found in your urine.

Darker Shade of Pink

It is a sign of a serious and dangerous condition that your urine has a significant amount of blood and indicator of a serious health problem such as infection of the bladder or cancer.


This is the result of too much mucus and proteins that are being broken down inside the body, this fizzy color of urine tells an infection of the bladder.

Medium Yellow

A major sign of dehydration it is extremely recommended to upsurge your daily consumption of water.

Dark Yellow

A dangerous and serious level of dehydration and also shows the huge presence of vitamin B in our body and because of that serious level, it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water.


A sign that your body has to much amount of bilirubin and can also indicate a gall stone problems in the bile duct.

Really Dark Pink

A huge amount of blood is in urine that you produce that is a sign of positive cancer but you can confirm it with the help of a doctor.


This kind of urine is due to an excessive work or cause of some medications such as antibiotic metronidazole or anti-malaria chloroquine.

Blue or Green Urine

Due to an excessive amount of artificial colors inside the body, this situation is nothing serious and can get rid off with the help of hydration.

If you notice that your urine color is unusual and one of the dangerous colors above is your urine visit your urologist to have a myoglobin test to know if your body is in bad or good shape or condition.