Science Reveals the Best and Ideal Age to Conceive a Baby

As a woman, it is important for you to know what is the ideal age to have a baby. Some women did not want to have a baby at an early age because they want to enjoy her career or enjoying the company with his or her partner before starting a family.  However, some individual also said that the best time to have a baby is during your 20s.

But these theories are not consistent because as the world evolve and develop these theories are evolving too. Many scientists claiming new theories different from what many people heard before.

As you read this you will encounter some theories about what is the ideal age to have a baby.

What is the ideal age?

According to Dr. John Mirowsky, one of the sociologists at University of Texas said that the ideal age for women to carry a baby is actually the age of 34.

Here are the facts:

Experts said that women's health is already developed when she reaches the age of 34 because during the mid-20s up to 33 some various diseases may develop that can affect carrying a baby. At the age of 34 women's body is already prepared and ready to carry a baby in her womb.

Dr. Mirowsky also said that women must be careful about having their own baby at the age of 30s. If a woman gets older the more chance of having infections of the reproductive system and it can affect carrying a baby.

Some experts also contribute and agreed to Dr. Mirowsky's theory that women aged 34-35 have a strong relationship with their partners and already matured enough to conceive a baby. Also, they are ready enough to raise a baby. This situation is very normal when they reach the age of 30 and up.

To sum up, with that, the ideal age to have your own children is the age of 30. Bringing a new life in this world can make a big change in your life. To have an ideal family you should plan well and prepare not only financially but also physically and mentally fit to be a good mother to your child.