Never Marry Someone Who Posses These Bad Habits

It is important that if you want to marry someone you must know him or her well. He or She must be caring, trustworthy and responsible enough to be called as your husband or wife. Getting married is not a joke it requires you a lot before entering this new stage of your relationship.

If your partner possesses this habits or attitude do not marry them:
  • Keeps the fight alive: In every relationship, it is normal to have a misunderstanding or argument. Fights make your relationship stronger and healthy.  However, if the two of you have an argument frequently you must talk to each other sincerely but if your partner keeps the fight alive it is a big question if he or she is the right one for you.
  • Kill conversation: If he or she is a good talker but your partner do not want to listen to your story or opinion and cuts always a serious relationship.  It is another way to show that they are not interested in your story or they do not care about your thoughts. You must not ignore this kind of attitude. 

  • A narrow-minded person: If you love one another you know how to respect each other. Respecting in a way that he or she must understand your own decisions in life, as well as your partner, must do not put too many restrictions on you. If your partner stops you from doing your old routine, therefore, it is not a good sign that he or she must be your partner in life for a lifetime.
  • An abusive person: Love is taking good care of each other's emotion as well as you must not put any heavy hands on it. If your partner is being too abusive and if he or she hurts you a lot whether it is physical or emotional ran out of it as soon as possible. As a person, you do not deserve that way to be treated.
  • Always breaking promises: It is important to keep your promise to your partner but if he or she break his or her promises frequently it is not a good sign. Your partner does not care about your feelings and what you say. 
  • Hates Family: If your partner does not care about what family is, it is really a big question. If he or she does not show any interest in your family or if your partner ran away this topic, do not marry him or her. It clearly shows that your partner does not want to have a family because marry also means building your own family.

  • Relationship rules mean nothing to him or her: If your partner does not follow the relationship rules it simply means that he or she do not respect your feeling. If your partner steps on the line he or she do not worth your love and time. 
  • Consistent Liar: Honesty is important to every relationship. If your partner starts to lie think twice before you continue your relationship.