Improve your Health with these 10 Good Benefits of Sayote.

Chayote is popularly known as a member of gourd family due to its pale lime green color and deep linear pockmarks that run along the fruit's skin vertically until it meets its flower end.

This fruit is usually added as an ingredient to various delicious dishes because of its fairly bland taste and its numerous healthy perks.

Due to its unique ability in fighting off cancer and improving heart's health, many people have been intrigued by its effects and tries to use it for medical purposes.

It is also known globally by several names such as Christophine cho-cho, choko, pipinola or vegetable pear.

10 health benefits of Sayote are listed below:

1. As a body energizer

It contains manganese (9%) which is essential in converting fat and protein as an energy in the body. Consuming Ssayote mixed in egg or salad on breakfast meals could improve your day.

2. Helps to aid muscle fatigue

Sayote contains potassium (4%) that is required for energy metabolism which serves as an important mineral in transferring nutrients and wastes in the muscle. It also aids in restoring tired and heavy legs.

3. Improves performance of the heart

Folate is a vitamin B which is almost naturally common to any fruits. Studies show that it is rich in folate (23%) which could help to assist in preventing elevation of homocysteine level. Having an increase in homocysteine level could induce a risk of having a coronary heart disease or heart failure.

4. Nourishing food for the brain

Studies show that Sayote contains Vitamin B6 (4%) which has the ability to improve brain performance and strengthen memory gain. 

5. Helps against constipation

It contains fiber (7%) which is important in a regular diet for improving bowel movement and neutralization of acid levels in the stomach.

6. Helps against Acne breakout

Reserved with zinc (5%), Ssayote has an influence in the imbalance in hormone which controls overproduction of oil in the skin.

7. Protected and healthy thyroid

Sayote is filled with copper (6%) which helps iodine in maintaining healthy thyroid metabolism mainly in hormone production and absorption.

8. Improves bone mineralization

Vitamin K is essential in preventing bone loss which leads to osteoporosis.

9. Stops cancer

Acts as an effective antioxidant, Sayote filled with vitamin C (13%) helps in preventing cellular damage from free radicals. There are studies that prove a decrease in cancer growth and proliferation.

10. Aids in muscle cramps

It contains magnesium (3%) which is an electrolyte and a mineral is important in muscle and nerve function. It is also important in blood glucose control and muscle energy production.

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