Here's How to Dress Properly According to your Body Type

Every woman wants to feel beautiful inside and out.  It also matters how they look like and how they dress but how to dress properly that fits your body type. The first thing you must do is to wear the clothes you feel most comfortable.  After that find your own style that fits your body type that can enhance your true beauty.

Women have different beautiful body types, sizes, and shape. Here are some guidelines to classify your body type and to identify what dress and style best fit you.
  • The Pear-shaped or triangle bodies: This type of body shape have more volume at the bottom and less at the top part. If you have wide legs and hips while narrow and small shoulders you belong to this body type. Try to wear clothes that can give you a broader shoulder and wider body.  Choose straight cut pants and combine them with high heels it can give you elongated legs. 
  • The Hourglass body type: This body type has a defined waist. Your hips and bust are carnal and your waist is thin. Avoid wearing square or large clothes that may look heavy on you. Utilize waist accessories that can enhance your body shape. V-neck upper garments fit you. Avoid wearing a top that has showy necklines. 
  • The apple body type: This kind of body has more definition on top. Individuals that own this body type has wider shoulders and mid body than your hips and legs. Avoid wearing tight pants and large blouses. Wear loose dress from waist to down it can give you a balanced body. 

  • Rectangle body type: If you have a rectangle body type wear belts to have an imaginary line to your waist. Avoid wearing straight cut and fitted dresses it will emphasize your body shape. Try to wear skinny jeans and a volume up top. In wearing a dress wear a skirt or printed dress enhance your curves.
Just be genuine to your style wear clothes that comfort you. Try to break some rules but keep in mind that fashion is being comfortable.