Here are Some of the Important Benefits of Malunggay That You Probably Didn't Know

Moringa is known as miracle tree because it is a good source of proteins, fats, vitamin C, iron, carotenoids, potassium and some important minerals that our body needed.

Malunggay roots, leaves, flowers, and bark of the tree are used as major commodities in some nutritional supplements as well as it is also used to manufacture, perfumes, cosmetics, and skin oils. It is also said that it has a powerful tool and amazing nutritional profile. Also, it has a medicinal potential.

The chemical compounds that can be found in Malunggay had been proved some of its biochemical activities namely, it can fight atherosclerosis, boosting the immune system, combating heart disease. As well as it also demonstrated some activities such as it is a good antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and fight tumor to suppress its effects.

Take a closer look at some health benefits of moringa and let's see if it can justify its name.

1.The leaves of Moringa are rich in various vitamins, essential amino acids as well as minerals and much more commodities. In a natural and organic 100 grams of dry leaves of moringa contains the following:
    • It is 12 times essential compared to vitamin C than simple oranges.
    • It is 17 times richer in calcium than milk
    • 25 times more iron compared to spinach
    • 9 times more protein compared to yogurt
    • It is 15 times more potassium compared to a piece of banana.
2. Moringa is abundant in fiber and it is also said that it can be a food tool to mop your intestines and it can also cleanse any wastes and toxins in your body from a greasy diet. 

3. The seed of the Moringa tree can be purified your water and it is better to use compared to some synthetic material that is widely used nowadays.

4. It is said that Malunggay is loaded with powerful antibiotic and it is highly effective in eliminating some bacterium that can cause gastritis, gastric cancer, and ulcers. 

5. Helps to regulate your thyroid function as well as to your hyperactive thyroid. Moringa contains acid it can be found in the leaves that can lessen the absorption process of the sugar in your cells. 

6. Moringa is abundant to anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects which can result in the presence of a compound named niaziminin.