Here are Some of the Best Natural and Alternative Treatment for Breast Cysts and Ovarian Cancer ~ Must Read!

Women who have cysts on their breasts can be benign or malignant but some of it are not cancerous. Benign cysts become larger, painful and uncomfortable. As a woman, it is important that you know that the breast cysts are fluid filled with sacs that can make your glands filled with these fluids.

Regardless of the age and marital status cysts can develop in every woman but it will trigger the hormonal levels that make it fluctuate especially before menstrual cycle starts. However, there is some situation happened that the cysts have disappeared naturally by their own.

Here are some of the alternative and natural treatment to help you heal your breast cysts and ovarian cancer.


Papaya is rich in papain, it is a compound that is proven for its effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of ovarian cysts. Consume papaya on an empty stomach every morning before taking your breakfast to have a better outcome. 

Aloe Vera and Honey

Prepare one cup of tequila, one cup of aloe vera or aloe pulp, one cup of one hundred percent pure and organic honey and one cup of fresh lemon juice. It is important to pull out the aloe and mix it with the prepared ingredients carefully. Take and consume this mixture at least once a month.

Dong Qual

The Dong Qual are popularly known herb and it is widely used in some parts of China as an organic and effective medication against some gynecological problems that includes an irregular monthly period as well as mediating ovarian cysts.

This herb can be found in some health food stalls. It can also be seen them in a capsule or powder form. Before consuming this herb it is a must to visit and consult your doctor. If you will consume this in a powder form mix it with your drink. It is beneficial to consume it every morning, after your lunch and before going to bed. Do this for a month to see better results.


Raw Garlic is one of the best natural remedies that can be used to fight against ovarian cysts. It is better to consume on an empty stomach every day for a much effective result.

These natural ingredients are all useful against fatal disease but still always consult your doctor so that you can still monitor your conditions. These natural treatments are safe to add to your diet. So what are you waiting for? Try this at your home as your natural remedy to fight against ovarian or breast cysts.