Natural and Effective Ways To Increase The Chances Of Conceiving Female Twins

In married life, Every couple has the desired to have a baby so that they can call them a family. To have a baby is a great privilege but to conceived two babies in one birth is just like winning in a raffle draw.

There are two kinds of twins the identical and fraternal. Genetically factors have a great score to achieve this. If at least one of your family members or ancestors has a history of having twins then there is a big possibility that you may conceive twins.

Women feel so much happiness and gratitude if she knew that she will be having not just one but two babies. It is a privilege, blessing and one of the greatest feeling of pregnant women. Hence, many married couples are dreaming of having their own twins but they are also thinking of how could they increase the chances to conceive twins.

Try some of these natural ways to increase the chances of conceiving female twins:

Eat Dairy Products: It can help to develop strong hormones to increase the possibility of conceiving twins.

Eat Yams: It is compost of natural and organic chemicals that help to increase the opportunity to have twins.

Gain Weight: Overweight women will have the advantage to produce a greater hormone in their bodies which is a plus point if you are planning or trying to have twins.

Acidic environment: The sperm of a female can live longer in the acidic environment, thus consuming acidic foods before ovulation will aid in body acidity, reducing the mortality of female sperms that could possibly lead to conceiving female twins.

Sperm characteristic and ovulation: Checking the characteristic of a female sperm is very significant. Female sperm is slower and more passive swimmers and could live longer than a male sperm up to 72 hours. While male sperms are a faster swimmer but could live 24 hours only. The sexual union must be planned 2 to 3 days before ovulation, making the female sperm wait for the egg to mature and fertilized egg. In the meantime, all the male sperm will disappear that could high the risk of conceiving twin female.

Love making position tips to increase the chances of conceiving twins:

Rear Entry Position: It is done by if the husband put his wife behind him. This love position is good because it makes the sperm close to the cervix.

Missionary Position: It is a position where the sperm goes easily to the egg. It is said to be the best position to have twins.

Side by side or Doggy style: This position is done by, the woman bends her knees and the man will enter his manhood in her behind. It is helpful to have twins because the sperm can easily approach the cervix since it was close to it.

Stand up position: This position has a deep penetration. It is an advantage because the sperm goes directly to the egg.