Early Warning Signs of Diabetes That We Shouldn't Ignore

Type 2 diabetes is a condition which is very popular in present ages. It is described as a sign which can be simply ignored. One out of three people has no idea about it.

Diabetes describes a very dangerous disease which generates many serious complications, for example, cardiovascular or neurological damage so, this is why it’s early discovery is very important.

A proper diet, exercise regimen, and medications if it is important can keep diabetes under control and the person who experiencing from it will continue having a normal life with a normal eating diet.

Here are some caution signs of diabetes which can help you to start to defend your health.

Early signs of Diabetes

Over 382 million people around the world in 2013 had diabetes and 90% of them had a type- 2 diabetes. If you are wondering this condition is metabolic which is identified by high levels of sugar or glucose in the blood.

Insulin or its generation which is pancreatic hormone and distribute to stabilize blood sugar levels can be either diminish or the cells would not react to it correctly. As result of it, the resulting symptoms develop:

Excessive thirst or polydipsia – as you lose more fluids, the body will do everything to restore them so this sign is automatically associated with the previous one and the need to drink is increased.

Dry mouth – critical and offensive can be the experience of the absence of moisture in the mouth. Dry mouth usually draws the bacteria and produces many oral and dental dilemma. Also, gum infection represents a complexity of diabetes.

Increased hunger or polyphagia – The body produces a high desire to eat due to the severe highs and lows of the blood sugar levels. The cells do not receive sufficient glucose so the body begins to beg for it.

Unexplained weight loss or weight gain – When the insulin would not be capable of receiving glucose into the cells, the body will be undernourished and order to start to utilize the proteins from the muscles. Losing from 10 up to 20 pounds over a couple of months is not healthy and expect the real cause for it. But, develop consumption of foods rich in sugar leads to weight gain.

Fatigue – is also acknowledge as extreme tiredness is developed when the body continually compensates for the deficiency of glucose in the cells. Also, if your sleep is interfering by the need to pee you would not do much of a help to it. Many people which are experience from it will begin feeling not well chronically will have lower levels of energy and also will be in a bad mood.

Vision problems – When the sugar is high in the blood it also has a negative effect on eyes and transform the shape of the lens and eyes. Vision will become blurry. The vision will not only be disordered, you will also see an unusual glow of light. If the sugar levels continue high for a longer duration of time, the variation which is happening to your eyes may convert permanent and begin to vision loss. Unless they are reversible.

Headaches – Due to growing blood sugar levels, headache is developed and it serves an initial sign of hyperglycemia or high blood glucose. When the ailment becomes worse, the sign will also get critical.

Bruises, infections, cuts that do not heal – It happens as consequence of blood vessel damage and it represents a classical sign of diabetes. When excessive amounts of sugar are present in the veins and arteries they become less able to carry blood to the place that demands to restore and healed.

Tingling of hands and feet and numbness – This sign is related to diabetes and is appear as result of nerve damage or neuropathy. Swelling and burning pain are normally following in case of tingling or numbness. In case the sugar continues to high level, this damage can become permanent and serious complication of diabetes.

Changes in skin – On the neck, groin, and armpit, velvety dark skin or also known as acanthosis nigricans can appear. Other unusual itchiness or skin changes may appear around the vaginal or groin area.

Sexual dysfunction – Different sexual problems are following due to diabetes because it also damages the blood vessels and nerves in the sex organs. Men can have difficulty with erection and women can experience vaginal dryness. From 35% to 75% men which are suffering from diabetes experience impotence.

Frequent urination or polyuria – Warning sign can be the often urination or urinating during the night sometimes for several times. Kidneys usually start working much harder for getting rid of the excess glucose from the blood.

Yeast infections – In sugar environment, bacteria and fungi thrive even more so, infections, in this case, will become more common. Yeast infections will be the most frequent ones, candida or vaginal candida infections in women for example.

In case you experience one of the above-mentioned symptoms, you must visit your doctor immediately and ask for som blood test and professional advice.

Risk factors

Do not fall into despair; type- 2 diabetes to some degree is a preventable disease. Many further complications of it can be avoided and prevented with the right moves.

Here are some of the risk factors for getting it:
  • Smoking 
  • Overweight (at risk are especially people who have visceral obesity/ belly fat) 
  • Physical inactivity Consumption of unhealthy foods, red meat, unhealthy fats, sugars and processed food. Take in mind that one can of a sugary soda increase your risk of diabetes by 22%.
Just try to eat healthily and exercise slightly fair. Also, keep your stress levels under control and ignore all the bad attitude and habits that you have. As our age increases, the risk of diabetes also increases so, by staying active and living healthy lifestyle we will protect our health.