Did You Know That Onion Can Treat These 5 Health Issues? If Not ~ Learn Here.

Onions is a well-known flavoring vegetable in our kitchen and aside from that, it is also popular as a natural remedy to treat some medical issues. It can also make your immune system stronger as well as it is a good remedy for extreme vomiting.

This is a root crop came from allium family. Its species contains a large amount of sulfur in which it gives onions an antibiotic and antiseptic properties. It also contains antioxidants named Quercetin, this antioxidant has the ability to fight free radicals that primarily caused by a different disease.

You're respiratory react immediately to the onion juice. Onions are also good to maintain cholesterol level, and a great antioxidant, heal arthritis as well and it is good to diabetes since onions contain sulfur. For this reason, it is been used for a long time as a natural remedy.

As you read this article it will provide you an idea how onions really work on your body. 

Here are some of the amazing medical health treatment that onion can provide us.

High body temperature: As you observed some of your old companions at your home place a slice of onion in their sock as they go to bed especially when they suffer from high body temperature. Sometimes this practice was also done to the young ones when they are having a high fever or high temperature. This is a simple remedy that you can perform in your home because it is proven and tested. 

Insect Stings: Bee and Wasp Sting are deadly when you have allergies. First, if a bee or wasp sting you, it is a must that you remove the sting immediately. After you remove it crushed a piece of onion and put it on the affected area. Swelling and pain will be gone soon.

Burns: If you have burn, onion is one of the best remedies to lessen your burn and to relieve the pain. All you need to do is to slice an onion and put it on the affected area immediately. Be amazed how a piece of onion works on your burn. 

Detoxification: Onion can help you wash out some toxins and wastes on your body but you need to consume it raw because it is the best way to get a better result.

Clogged Ears: If you are experiencing a clogged ear using a clean cloth and a small piece of onion place it on your ear canal and leave it over night.